Sep 3, 2015

The Winter People

The Winter PeopleThe Winter People by Jennifer McMahon
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When Sarah's daughter Gertie dies in a tragic accident Sarah is unable to let her go and turns to the dark magic she was taught by her Native American nanny, Auntie years ago.

Auntie is bitter over Sarah's family betraying her and driving her from her home. To late Sarah discovers that Auntie was responsible for Gertie's death and planting evidence to make it look like Sarah's husband Martin was the killer. When Auntie kills Martin, and then tries to kill Sarah, Gertie kills Auntie and by spilling human blood is condemned to live eternally hungering for human flesh. Sarah skins Auntie and leaves the unidentifiable remains behind where everyone assumes that Martin killed Sarah and then himself. Sarah goes to the cave with Gertie and lives there in secret, only coming out to forge for food when necessary.

Years later after Sarah has died, Gertie kills a young couple (Tom and Bridget) in the cave when they are lead there by Sarah's diary. Their friends (Alice and James) rescue Tom and Bridget's daughter Ruthie and raise her as their own. Unbeknownst to Ruthie they also befriend Gertie.

When Gary finds parts of Sarah's diary and a map to the cave at an antique store he becomes obsessed with resurrecting his son Austin. Alice tries to talk him out of it but he remains determined. He dies in a car crash and Alice takes his backpack with all the evidence inside, but his widow, Katherine shows up in town trying to find out what Gary was up to before he died. Unfortunately she stumbles on the secret and uses the dark magic to bring Gary back.

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