May 31, 2015

Wicked #2 Unseen by Nancy Bush

UnseenUnseen by Nancy Bush
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The best in the series so far. I think it should be the second one read, and wish they had included it in the series so I could have read them in the proper order.

From the information given I think Bart (Wolf) and EZ's Mother was Rita's Aunt "Blind Spot".

Gemma wakes up in the hospital with no memories. She is accused of running down a pedophile. Will is assigned to the case and quickly falls for Gemma, with the evidence mounting against her he desperately wants to believe her assertions of innocence. Memories of her life start coming back to her, and she quickly returns to her home where she learns she has been plagued by memory lose since childhood. She also has a unique ability to read peoples emotions. When people start accusing her of things she hasn't done she fears that the unscrupulous psychiatrist who wants to use her to make a name for himself is correct and that she has multiple personality disorder.

Meanwhile Bart is on a mission to kill "witches". He killed his Mother (who he refers to as the Mother Witch) and burned her. Now he is killing young women he deems witches and burning them. But the main witch he wants to kill is Ani, who he blames for his brother EZ's death.

Desperate to find out what is going on Gemma allows the psychiatrist to hypnotize her and discovers that she was a conjoined twin. Gemma was left with an old Indian woman Totu (possibly her Grandmother) who eventually left her on the ferry allowing her to be adopted by the La Portes and given a good home. Her twin Ani was given to the pedophile doctor in exchange for operating on the twins to separate them. Anxious to share her news with Will she calls him and they agree to meet at her house.

Will is startled when "Gemma" shows up at his door minutes after their phone conversation arranging to meet at her house, but they quickly have sex, it's only afterwards that he realizes the scare is on the wrong side of "Gemma's" hip. Ani realizes he knows that she isn't Gemma and ties Will up. She then goes to see Gemma, they are interrupted by Will's partner Barb, who Ani shoots. Will who has managed to untie himself quickly arrives and Barb is rushed to the hospital. Ani escapes from the law only to be captured by Bart.

Will and Gemma see the bonfire in the quarry and rush to it. Gemma manages to free Ani's hands before she is forced back by the flames. Bart and Will fight and Will is forced to kill Bart. After the fire is put out they realize Ani escaped, but are unable to find her. Thinking Ani is Gemma Little Tim (retarded man with a crush on Gemma) helps Ani.

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