Feb 28, 2015

Sleep No More (Eve Duncan #15)

Sleep No More (Eve Duncan, #15)Sleep No More by Iris Johansen
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Sandra reveals that she had a illegitimate child (Beth Avery) before she gave birth to Eve. Beth's Father came from a wealthy family and they were desperate to cover up the fact he liked young girls. Sandra was forced to give Beth up and was warned never to speak of the child, and she didn't for years. But after Bonnie was kidnapped she hired a private detective to find Beth.

Beth was given to relatives of Rick Avery (Beth's Father) to raise, and they packed her off to boarding schools as soon as she was old enough. Rick refused to stay away from him and she knew he was her Father, but understood it had to be a secret. Then she was supposedly in a skiing accident and was packed off to a mental institution from which she has now escaped, with help from Billy Newell. Sandra begged Eve and Joe to help find her. Eve and Joe leave for California and enlist the help of Kendra Michaels. Not only is Beth missing someone is trying to kill her.

Eve and Joe barely get to Newell in time to save his life, with his help they find Beth but then the killer starts tying up lose ends and the people that can confirm that Beth was kept drugged up and confined against her will start dying. Someone is terrified that Beth will remember what happened the night before her accident.

Rick Avery comes to California and contacts Beth, he insist on seeing her alone, but Eve insist on going with her to meet him. Beth realizes everything Eve told her about Rick liking young girls is true and insist on leaving but the killer is waiting in their car, when Rick intervenes the killer shoots and kills him against his orders. He takes Eve and Beth to his shack where he has a particularly horrifying death in store for Eve, if Bonnie can't summon help in time.

Even though Eve and Beth manage to survive the mastermind behind the killings gets away as no one can prove her involvement.

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