Feb 3, 2014

Almost Dead

Almost Dead (San Francisco, #2)Almost Dead by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edge of your seat thriller.

The book opens with a woman in a coma, she can hear but has no way to communicate and is frantic because the doctors are discussing removing her from life support throughout the book we are never sure which of Marla's daughters is in the coma. The book then flashes back to what lead to the woman's condition.

This is a squeal to If She Only Knew, and if you haven't read it most of this book will be very confusing.  Cissy is grown up married (but separated) to Jack Holt and they have a baby B.J.. At the beginning of the book Cissy's Mother (Marla Amhurst Cahill) has escaped from prison and seemly disappeared into thin air. When Eugenia Cahill (Cissy's Grandmother) is found at the bottom of the stairs of her mansion the police immediately expect foul play and Marla is their #1 suspect. But numerous questions arise who helped Marla escape? and where is she?

Rory Amhurst (Marla's brother, heir to the Amhurst fortune) has been institutionalized since a car accident as a toddler left him brain damaged. A mysterious visitor to the nursing home feeds him a lethal dose of brownies laced with shellfish.

One by one the members of Cissy's family are being killed off. The tragedies and danger bring Jack and Cissy back together and they reunite but then the unthinkable happens B.J. is kidnapped and the #1 suspect Marla is found decomposing in a rental house.

Marla's first born daughter deeply resentful that she was given up for adoption into a middle class background instead of the privileged society background Cissy enjoyed is bent on revenge and getting her hands on the Amhurst-Cahill fortune she views as her birthright. When her fantasy of a life with "Jack" comes crashing down and he confronts her with Marla's murder she turns on the man who masterminded the whole scheme. Cissy and Jack put the pieces together and rush to the Amhurst Mansion to save their son, but will a wounded Jack be able to prevent Cissy's death at the hand of her sister.

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