Aug 10, 2017

The Promise (Elvis Cole #16, Joe Pike, #5, Scott James & Maggie #2)

The Promise (Elvis Cole #16, Joe Pike, #5)The Promise by Robert Crais
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When a mysterious woman hires Elvis Cole to find her friend Amy he has no idea the trouble he is stepping into. He arrives at the address the woman gave him only to find the street cordoned off shortly after he knocks on the door. When a man exits the back Scott James, who is there with Maggie searching for a criminal that is in the vicinity instructs him to go back inside, the man then furtively leaves from the front attracting Cole's attention. Cole gives chase but the mysterious man gets away. Shortly afterward Maggie and Scott find the criminal they were searching for dead in the house and Maggie alerts to explosives.

Unfortunately the STUPID detectives on the case consider Cole to be a suspect and he is forced to call his friends Pike and Jon Stone in. Realizing that Scott James got a good look at his face the mysterious man has a bomb planted on his car, but Maggie alerts to it and saves their life. This results in Scott being taken off active duty and a guard placed on his home. In an attempt to take Maggie out so they can get to Scott poisoned hamburger meat is left in the yard. Thankfully Scott and Maggie find a dead racoon before Maggie eats any of the poisoned meat, but determined to find the man responsible for trying to kill his dog Scott starts working with Cole, Pike and Stone against orders.

With Stone's contacts they quickly discover that the woman who hired Cole is SAC Homeland Security Hess and that Amy's friend Charles is really who she is after, as she suspects Charles is a dirty agent. Whey they find the warehouse Amy is hiding the explosives in, they also discover that what Charles doesn't know is that Amy plans to wear a suicide vest to the meeting with the buyer for the explosives she manufactured believing them to be with Al-Qaeda and responsible for her son's death.

Unfortunately Scott was under surveillance when he took Maggie to search the warehouse and when he refuses to answer questions he loses his job and Maggie is taken away from him.

Cole uses what he knows to get Hess to call Scott's bosses and fix things and to give Amy immunity in exchange for her help and agreeing to receive psychiatric care.

When Charles kills himself once he knows that his boss is on to him the mysterious Mr. Rollings suspects a trap and doesn't attend the meet although they do capture his buyer. He could have gotten away clean but his desire to kill Scott cost him his life as Maggie will protect her Pack no matter what.

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