Aug 4, 2017

Sinister (Wyoming, #1)

Sinister (Wyoming, #1)Sinister by Lisa Jackson
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Everyone is coming home for Ira's wedding to gold digger Pillar. Pillar is a piece of work she passed her son Rourke off as her husband Chad's, but after his death sued Colton (Ira's son) for paternity. So as you can imagine Ira's kids aren't too pleased with the match. And while the last thing Colton wants to do is attend his Baby Mama's wedding he does want the opportunity to get to know his son and reconnect with his former girlfriend and the local vet Sabrina.

The first hint of trouble is when Amber's body is found in the Church where Pillar and Ira are intending to marry when the church is set ablaze. Amber was just passing through on her way home with no local ties to the community so no one can imagine a motive for her death. But while everyone is at the fire Mia Collins is murdered. Mia once had an affair with Ira's brother Judd and Judd died in a fire at the old homestead when he was with Mia. After his death husband stealing Mia, sued Judd's family for child support as she gave birth to his daughter Kit shortly afterwards.

Ricki (Ira's daughter) is still mourning the loss of her Mother Rachel, but has started a new life with her daughter Brooke and has convinced Sam to hire her on as his deputy. She also plans to convince him that she wants more than friendship from him. When her daughter is trapped inside the burning house she has been living in she is even more determined to get to the bottom of the crimes that seem to be targeting her family. When Pillar is found died in her bedroom after being drugged and the room set on fire. Ricki starts to put two and two together when she remembers Brook's insistence about Georgina having it in for her after she knocked her down and Brook saw the contents of her purse, medicine and a gun.

Delilah is ready to renew her high school romance with Hunter (Georgina's son) but a displeased Georgina claims that Hunter is a by product of her affair with Ira years ago making him Delilah's brother. A talk with Ira reveals that the "affair" occurred years after Hunter was born and a DNA test reveals that the Major is indeed Hunter's father leaving Delilah and Hunter free to pursue their romance. Georgina is confronted with her obsession with Ira and arrested for Pillar and Judd's murder. Georgina mistakenly believed that it was Ira having an affair with Mia so she set fire to the homestead where they meet resulting in Judd's death.

When Delilah receives a message supposedly from Hunter she rushes to meet him at the old homestead only to discover that he is being held prisoner by the man everyone refers to as Black Hat (the cheif suspect in Amber and Mia's murder). She soon realizes that Black Hat is Judd's son Garth who resents the fact that Ira forgot about Judd's wife and their children while he supported Mia and her daughter Kit. Before Garth can kill Hunter and Delilah, Kit kills him.

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