Aug 7, 2017

GoT - The Spoils of War

Daenerys is still hung up on making Jon bend the knee. So far he has refused but he is leaning in that direction as he needs her men and Dragons. I really hope Daenerys discovers his parentage soon.

Daenerys marches on Cersei's army returning with the spoils from High Tower (food and gold) with her Dragon and her Dothraki Horde Daenerys is a force to be reckoned with. While Bronn does manage to get an arrow in the Dragon Daenerys is riding (boo) the Dragon manages to destroy the ballista (weapon Cersei had developed to kill dragons) and almost gets Bronn. Seeing the Dragon wounded Jaime charges at it and Daenerys and barely escapes it's fiery breath with his life., thanks to Bronn's flying tackle. Tyrion still loves his brother and was rooting for his escape. I only wish Jaime would wake up to how evil Cersei is and change sides.

Arya arrives home and Brandon at least realizes who she is now as he gives her the dagger (which is made of Valerian Steel)  that Littlefinger gave him. Sansa seems totally baffled by the changes in her sister and Brienne seems somewhat dismayed to find another woman warrior who is her equal. I really hope Littlefinger is on Arya's list (remember Littlefinger is responsible for Ned Stark's death).

Theon arrives at Dragonstone and Jon lets him know that the only reason he isn't going to kill him is because he rescued Sansa from Ramsey. I really can't find it in me to like any of the Greyjoys and wouldn't mind if they got finished off soon.

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