Jul 6, 2017

United States Post Office Does a Lousy Job Delivering Father's Day Present

My Dad finally got his Father's Day present yesterday, 15 days after the promised delivery date. The address on the package was CORRECT ( my Dad verified this when he FINALLY got the package) so the delay was entirely the post offices fault. Apparently at some point a bad bar code was placed on the package so it went from Perdido, Alabama (where the company I ordered it from was located) to Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA back to TN then back to GA numerous times when it was suppose to be in Meridian, MS.

I understand mistakes happen, but the post office really needs to find a better way of dealing with mistakes. First getting to talk to a person is a PAIN, the automated computer system doesn't give you an option for talking to a person. You have to go through it's unhelpful system until the computer decides it can't help you or doesn't understand you and then you get put on hold for 30 + minutes. The first two times I called I got rude unhelpful men who had no interest whatsoever in locating my Dad's package and getting it to him. They did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  The third time I called I got a nice woman who opened an investigation, she discovered it had a bad bar code which was causing the looping. She called their distribution center in TN where it was going to have a human intervene in the automated process. Unfortunately that didn't work (apparently the humans in TN weren't interested in intercepting it). Another phone call resulted in emails being sent to both TN and GA apparently one of them finally intercepted it and got the bad bar code off of it and sent it on to it's destination. While the outside package was terribly banged up, the good news is the company that packaged it did an excellent job and the inside package was fine.

Bottom line is I wouldn't use the United States Postal Service if I had another choice.  

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