Jul 8, 2017

The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk #1)

The Silent CornerThe Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jane Hawk is determined to get to the bottom of her husband's apparent suicide. After her son is threatened she hides him away with family friends and begins to piece together the bizarre world of mind control via nanotechnology.

Trusting no one in the FBI, she turns to a homeless man she meet in the library. Not only does Dougal Trahern (aka DEET) turn out to have plenty of money, useful friends who will do anything for him but he has the skills she needs to get to the Shennecks who created the nanotechnology. When her boss Nathan Silverman shows up during their home invasion Jane first feels relief but she quickly realizes that Nathan is no longer acting of his own volition when he kills the Shennecks, and she is forced to kill him.

Dougal is shot during the home invasion but will recover. And Jane gets samples of the nanotechnology and the notes that Bertold Shenneck had in his safe. Now she is going after the man behind it all David James Michael.

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