Jul 29, 2017

NYPD Red 4 (NYPD Red, #4)

NYPD Red 4 (NYPD Red, #4)NYPD Red 4 by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kylie spends a good bit of the book trying to track down her drug addicted husband, she finally finds him when he has almost OD'd on Heroine and barely gets him to the hospital in time. Sadly he checks himself out of the hospital and it looks as if Kylie and Spence are over for good.

As usual Jordan is caught between helping Kylie and his girlfriend Cheryl. At the end of the book he seems to have made the right decision but if Kylie truly is a free agent who knows if Jordan and Cheryl can survive.

A beautiful starlet is killed during a jewelry heist but is it more than just a robbery gone bad. As the bodies start piling up a determined con woman gets her son out of hot water with the police and bags the Big Hunter who set everything in motion.

Sometimes catching the thieves is worse than letting them walk free. When Kylie and Jordan actually capture the thieves that have been stealing hospital equipment from hospitals all over the city the PR nightmare threatens to topple the new mayor. But thanks to Jordan's suggestion to get Irwin Diamond to find a solution everything works out in the end.

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