Jul 24, 2017

GoT - Stormborn

Obviously this is Daenerys episode. Tyrion urges her to meet with Jon Snow, but I don't expect this meeting to go smoothly as she expects the King in the North to bow his knee to her. While we know Jon is a Targaryen no one else does so it'll be interesting to see how this meeting goes. If I have the lineage right Jon is her nephew.

Arya learns that Jon has been crowned King of the North and changes her plans. She is headed to Winterfell when she comes face to face with her Direwolf Nymeria. She ask Nymeria to come home with her but Nymeria chooses not to.

Euron attacks and takes Yara prisoner Theon escapes overboard. Ellaria Sand and her daughters have also been taken prisoner or killed by Euron and his men.

Sam attempts to cure Jorah of greyscale.

Learning that Dragonstone is built on a mountain of dragon stone, he decided to risk meeting with Daenerys and leaves Sasha in charge of Winterfell. 

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