Jul 5, 2017

Crazy House by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), Gabrielle Charbonnet

Crazy HouseCrazy House by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ends on a bit of a cliff hanger but there is no indication there is a sequel so perhaps the reader is suppose to draw their own conclusions Ms Strepp did make it sound as if the Revolution was a long term plan.

Becca and Cassie live in an agricultural cell with very strict rules. Becca the more rebellious of the identical twins disappears one night when she is out in Cassie's truck. The kidnappers actually meant to take Cassie. Becca winds up in a jail on death row where she is made to fight other prisoners and learn things. She witnesses several executions so she is appalled when Cassie who has been looking for her is thrown in jail with her. Luckily for Becca she has won the heart of one of the prison guards, Tim. Cassie had become friends with the Provost's son, Nate (who happens to be the leader of the Outsiders in their cell) and he soon comes looking for her. With the help of a kid from a neighboring cell he finds them only to be captured himself and his leg is severely injured in a fight. Unfortunately they don't dare to wait to make their escape until Nate is healed so the kids find the tunnel The Kid's Father dug when he escaped from The Crazy House and with an injured Nate in tow escape during an execution. Tim is waiting for them with a pickup truck and they return to their respective cells. Tim wants to check on his Mother and sister, Becca and Cassie want to see their Pa, who has been in a medical facility since his botched suicide.

Their Father dies soon after their return, their home is for sale and the Provost intends to send them for a Mood-Adjust. Their Mother never returned after she was sent for a Mood-Adjust and Nate's Mother was drastically changed after she was sent for a Mood-Adjust. Not to mention all the people pushing assisted suicide on them to make way for a baby, things are indeed looking bleak and only get worse after they convince their fellow citizens that they were kidnapped and that some of the children who have disappeared from their cell were in the jail with them. They rally the citizens to go to the jail only to find it deserted. Imprisoned in their home to await their mood-adjust, it's almost a relief when Ms Strepp kidnaps them again. She then reveals to them that the Forbidden Zone is a paradise of relaxation and plenty for the wealthy while the people in cells are forced to labor away under harsh conditions in order to provide them with the luxuries and food they desire. Ms Strepp's "jail" is a training ground (with faked executions) for Revolutionaries to take down the United.

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