Jun 12, 2017

You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson (Goodreads Author)

You Will PayYou Will Pay by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The constant flipping between past and present was annoying.

20 years ago 3 people disappeared from a Christian Youth Camp. The two counselors were young girls who were pregnant, and Dusty Peters was a drifter hired to work at the camp.

The book begins with Elle contemplating throwing herself off a cliff due to her pregnancy but then changing her mind and someone pushing her, but after her "death" people continued to catch site of her

Monica, was sleeping with Jo-Beth's boyfriend Tyler and claimed to be pregnant with his baby. Her disappearance solved a lot of problems for Tyler but the night Monica disappeared Tyler was stabbed in the back by a kitchen knife that Reva gave Jo-Beth. And Jo-Beth and Reva were both late to the meeting Jo-Beth called where she insisted all the girls tell the same story to the police.

Now all the girls are back in town. Old romances are rekindled and the girls are finally determined to tell the truth, but one woman is determined to use the reunion as an opportunity to settle old scores, and another will pay the ultimate price for her faith in the wrong man.

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