Jun 14, 2017

Suspect (Scott James & Maggie #1)

SuspectSuspect by Robert Crais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite parts were the chapters from Maggie (the German Shepherds) POV. Maggie's trainer Pete died in Afghanistan and Maggie was severely wounded. Now Maggie is in the States and her fate is in Leland's hands, he will determine if she is fit to serve as a LAPD Police Dog, and his first ruling is that due to her PTS and injuries she is unfit to be a member of his K9 team, but when Scott James ask for her Leland agrees to give him two weeks to work with her.

Scott too suffers from PTS and has series injuries from the night he was shot and his partner Stephanie was killed. Working with Maggie Scott begins to heal and when Detective Bud Orso and Joyce Cowly give him access into the investigation he jumps at the chance to help.

With Maggie's help Scott uncovers a witness, but the witness is murdered shortly after Scott talks to him and Scott is the chief suspect. Thanks to Maggie he also realizes his home was broken into and when his psychiatrist calls telling Scott his office was broken into and Scott's file was stolen Scott comes to a chilling realization. Not sure who on the police force he can trust he continues to track down leads. Realizing he needs help from someone on the inside he reaches out to Joyce, but when her investigation into a diamond heist alerts the mastermind behind the murders everyone's life depends on Maggie's bravery.

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