Jun 24, 2017

Revenge by Lisa Jackson (Goodreads Author)

RevengeRevenge by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It's actually 3 books and they are more like Harlequin Romances.

A is for Always - Skye has returned to town as a full fledged Doctor and without his Father in the way Max is free to court her, apparently the fact she can't have kids doesn't bother him at all. Too bad Jonah chases her out of town all those years ago.

B is for Baby - Jenner (who was injured in a barn fire) finds a reason to live when a woman he doesn't remember (Beth) returns to town with his son in tow.

C is for Cowboy - when Casey is kidnapped Jenner hires his friend Sloan to find her. But when Sloan rescues her from the cabin she is being held in, he finds more than he bargained for.

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