Jun 29, 2017

Dorchester Terrace (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #27)

Dorchester Terrace (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #27)Dorchester Terrace by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pitt has been made head of Special Branch permanently, Victor Narraway has been forced into retirement but he and Vespasia still manage to lend a hand and seem to become closer to one another.

Vespasia is concerned for her friend Serafina, who once fought with the revolutionaries and knows secrets that could get her and others killed. Serafina is suffering from dementia (we would probably say Alzheimer's) and is afraid she will reveal secrets to the wrong person. Vespasia goes to Narraway for help.

Meanwhile Pitt has reason to believe that Duke Alois might be in danger of being assassinated when he comes to visit England but his superior Lord Tregarron brushes him off (causing a rift between Charlotte and Emily as Jack has recently gone to work for Lord Tregarron) and tells him Alois is a nobody. Blantyre on the other hand offers his assistance, but Pitt soon has reason to doubt his motives.

When Serafina is murdered her niece points the finger at Blantyre's wife, but when Adriana is also murdered Pitt soon uncovers the fact that Evan Blantyre was the one who betrayed Adriana's Father. Meanwhile Narraway and Vespasia uncover the fact that Lord Tregarron is committing treason in order to cover up his Father's sins. Vespasia warns Jack, who travels to Dover to warn Pitt. Pitt is pleasantly surprised by Duke Alois, but is unable to stop Lord Tregarron from killing one of the Duke's men. To Tregarron's surprise Pitt turns him into a Double Agent instead of arresting him. Late to the Ball Pitt is almost to late realizing that it was Blantyre who wanted Alois dead. With the realization that Blantyre has been pulling the strings, Pitt makes the only decision he can he ends Blantyre.

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