May 16, 2017


OminousOminous by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The plot is a little thin. Someone has been kidnapping girls and taking them to a shack miles from nowhere and keeping them as sex slaves. Some of the townspeople think the three girls just ran away from home, or got what they deserve. Shortly after these three girls disappear Kat (Detective Patrick Starr's daughter), Ruth (the Preacher's kid) and Shiloh decide to sneak out one night and drive to a lake in the middle of nowhere to go skinny dipping. Someone starts taking pictures of the naked girls with a flash, they run. The photographer catches Ruth and rapes her (OK, this makes no sense the other girls he took to his shack before raping them so why did he deviate from his pattern?) Shiloh and Kat come back and attack him and the three girls get away. Ruth begs them not to tell anyone and they agree not to Shiloh leaves town shortly afterwards when her Stepfather attacks her.

15 years later Shiloh's Mother dies and Shiloh returns to town to care for her half-sister. Kat is a Detective and Ruth has returned to town as a therapist. Courtney's (one of the original three girls who went missing) body is found after she kills herself with barbed wire to escape from the monster who has held her for 15 years. And another local girl Addie goes missing. Kat convinces Ruth to come forward and everyone tries to discover who attacked her 15 years ago. A mysterious caller on Ruth's crises hotline turns out to be Erin (another one of the original girls who went missing) she escaped when the kidnapper was busy subduing Rachel (the last of the original girls to go missing).

Eventually the kidnapper is found and Addie is rescued.

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