May 28, 2017

Full Wolf Moon (Jeremy Logan, #5)

Full Wolf Moon (Jeremy Logan, #5)Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jeremy Logan goes to an exclusive artist retreat to work on his monograph on heresy in the Middle Ages, but before he can get started an old friend, Randall Jessup, from Yale who is now a park ranger ask him to investigate the suspicious deaths in the area.

Rumors of werewolves are rampant regarding the Blakeney family in the hollow, but of course Jeremy doesn't believe in werewolves, so he is committed to finding the logical explanation for the vicious murders. When he visits the research station founded by Dr. Chase Feverbridge to question the occupants about anything they may have seen he is saddened to learn of Dr. Feverbridge's death but enchanted by his daughter Laura who is ostensibly carrying on her Father's work, when he later learns Laura's secret he agrees to keep it as he doesn't believe it could harm anyone.

Jessup stumbles on the solution to the murders but before he can meet Logan he is savagely killed. After learning more about Feverbridge's work Logan puts things together and confronts Laura. But will Logan survive the confrontation?

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