May 8, 2017

Expecting to Die (To Die, #7)

Expecting to Die (To Die, #7)Expecting to Die by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bianca is at a party where the teens are playing hide and seek. Something large chases her through the woods and she falls in the creek at Reservoir Point and discovers a dead body.

The body turns out to be that of a schoolmate Destiny. Convinced that the Father of the baby Destiny was carrying is the killer Selena and Regan set off to track down the likely teen killer. But before they can Lindsey (another one of Bianca's schoolmates) is run off the road and eventually found dead in her car.

Meanwhile TV reality star Barclay Sphinx has come to town to create a show about Big Foot and at first Bianca is cast in the staring role, to Luke's (Bianca's Father, Regan's ex) dismay when Laura (another schoolmate with big tits) is supposedly chased in the woods by Big Foot, Sphinx decides to make Laura the star of the show. In an attempt to get Bianca back in the starring role Luke hires the local drug dealer (the Preacher's son, Tophman) to kidnap her. But what Luke doesn't know is that Tophman is hanging out with Destiny's killer.

Husband stealing sluts don't fare very well in this book. Marjory Tufts is killed when her Baby Daddy is afraid that Marjory's husband will discover their affair, since the husband is shooting blanks. Michelle dumps Luke for Sphinx and a shot at TV stardom but Sphinx has little use for Michelle once he wraps things up in Grizzly Falls.

Luckily Bianca has inherited her Mother's brains because she is going to need every weapon she can lay her hands on to get away from the two boys, who kidnapped her on Luke's behalf.

Meanwhile Reagan is in the hospital giving birth to Tucker Grayson Santana.

This may be the last Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli novel as Regan is considering being a stay at home Mom.

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