May 15, 2017

BOLT® Lithium Max Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum | 2133

I like that Bissell helps pets with the profits.

The hand vac is heavy and the power switch is where I would like to grip the handle, which results in the vacuum being accidentally turned off. It's also to long to use in the car and the wimpy suction doesn't have the power to get the pet hair up. To be fair Fenris' (Great Pyrenees Mix) hair seems to have magical properties light enough to float through the car from the cargo area where he is contained to the front seat and then it sticks like Velcro.My upright vacuum can't seem to pick it up either. The hand vac does as least have a nifty tool that scraps the hair off the seats, with more suction power it would be awesome.

I like that it has a washable filter and that it is easy to empty. The trash container is pretty large the battery goes dead before I even get it half full.

Did great picking up a small spill in the refrigerator.  

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