Apr 26, 2017

Treason at Lisson Grove (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #26)

Treason at Lisson Grove (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #26)Treason at Lisson Grove by Anne Perry
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When Pitt believes he sees a man slit an informants throat he followers him all the way to France with his partner Gower by his side. But as things don't add up and Pitt reviews what actually happened he quickly realizes that Gower can't be trusted. Attempting to hide his mistrust of Gower Pitt attempts to return to England leaving Gower to continue their stakeout. But Gower realizes Pitt is on to him and attempts to murder him on the return journey.

Arriving in England Pitt is dismayed to learn that Narraway has been accused of embezzlement and relived of duty, and that Charlotte realizing that Narraway's dismissal threatens Pitts livelihood and life has accompanied him to Ireland in hopes of clearing his name.

Allying himself with Stoker (the one man in Special Branch he can still trust) Pitt attempts to uncover the terrorist plot and save Narraway. Luckily Narraway has already returned to England and with his help they realize that Queen Victoria is in danger. Narraway, Charlotte and Vespasia go to Queen Victoria and Pitt heads to Special Branch to uncover the traitors in their mist and discovers the traitors reach to the very top of the chain of command.

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