Apr 17, 2017

Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage, #6)

Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage, #6)Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles
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I am totally disgusted with Penn Cage. Caitlyn isn't even cold in the ground yet and Greg Iles already has him hooking up with Tee. Who brings nothing to the plot, how many authors do you need in one book. Can't help but think the only reason Iles killed Caitlyn (reporter and Penn's fiancee) off is so he could put Tee (famous author and Penn's hookup) in the book and Tee is a horrible replacement, I can't stand her and I hope we don't see her in future books. I mean sneaking into a grieving man's bedroom and forcing yourself on him is beyond slutty behavior. Not to mention walking into the bathroom when he is in the shower and his daughter is downstairs. Thanks to Tee this has turned into one Trashy book. And if having Penn hook up with a virtual stranger while his daughter, Mia and his Mother are sleeping in the same house isn't bad enough we also learn that Penn has been fantasizing about Mia ( a girl young enough to be his daughter)

The book starts with Tom in prison fixing to go on trial for Viola's murder. On the way back from visiting him Penn is threatened by two VK bikers, who are delivering a message from Snake. Penn kills one of them and Tim (the bodyguard) kills the other. In retaliation for their deaths acid is thrown in Keisha Harvin's face (the reporter living in Caitlin's house). As a result Keisha's former teacher (Tee) comes down and moves into Penn's house.

They discover the woman, Dolores "Dee" St. Denis, the Double Eagles raped and then killed her husband in front of her. Delores is so light skinned the Double Eagles thought she was white and killed her husband because he married a white woman. She can identify Snake and after her former Mother-in-law is attacked she meets with the FBI.

Tom's trial is going badly and Quentin doesn't seem to be putting up much of a defense. Penn can't be there as he has to babysit Annie, so his friend Rusty calls him on the phone and he listens to the trail by phone and keeps up to date via Rusty's text (really dumb I don't see what the purpose is of not having Penn at the trial). Everyone also seems to have forgotten that Jimmy Revels survived. His survival was revealed in The Bone Tree when Jimmy and Swan's grandson came to Henry's funeral, along with Swan.

Eventually Penn is able to attend the trial in person. We learn of Tom Cage's service in Korea, we also learn that Viola changed her will shortly before her death and left a large sum of money to Henry Sexton. Her sister Cora Revels, witnessed it but Cora and Lincoln destroyed the will in order to get the inheritance they felt they deserved. We also learn that Sonny Thornfield and Snake were at Viola's house the night she died and Will Devine agrees to testify that they took his truck in exchange for the FBI putting him and his family into witness protection. But Snake finds a way to kill Will on the witness stand, at the one day of the trail Annie was allowed to attend.

Shaken up by Will's murder on the witness stand Penn and his family are taken by surprised when they are ambushed on the way home with the goal of kidnapping Annie. The bodyguards are taken out by the VK with nonlethal bullets, Penn is also injured and the VK manage to grab Annie. Mia jumps in the van with them in an effort to rescue Annie, but just when it looks as if the girls will be taken Walt Garrity steps into the path of the van and shoots the driver. Unfortunately he is unable to get out of the way of the van and dies.

The jury is ready to find Tom Cage not guilty when he changes his plea to guilty and goes to prison. Tom reveals to Penn that Snake knows that Peggy was at Viola's house the night she died and that if Tom doesn't take the fall for Snake he will frame Peggy. We also learn that Sheriff Billy Byrd is in contact with Snake and is helping him.

Lincoln finds Snake and talks Penn into going with him to kill Snake. Snake is killed, Lincoln is injured and Wilma Deen (the woman who threw acid in Keisha's face) is refusing to testify to her knowledge of Snake killing Viola now that she is safe.

I suspect that this is no longer a trilogy and that another book will be coming soon

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  1. Thank you for your review. I am listening to the last book in the series now. With the exception of John Kaiser, and maybe Walt Garrity, I find most of the characters unappealing, especially Penn Cage. Although his actions are meant to seem heroic, I am always left thinking they are stupid and misguided. In the first two books, Penn made choices to save his father's life regardless of who else might get hurt. As Penn yelled at Kaiser for the umpteenth time what about my father, I kept thinking what about him? I also don't appreciate the author's depiction of black women, with the exception of Jewel, they are characterized as super sexual, exotic beings, the classic stereotype. He addresses the fact that he is embracing the stereotype through Tom Cage's memories of Viola, but making Tee and Swan just like her is just wrong. The same goes for his angry black man depiction of Lincoln Turner. Aren't we all tired of getting the same basic template for minorities? In any case, I was prompted to write because you mentioned in this review and your review of The Bone Tree that Jimmy Revels lived. However, it doesn't say that anywhere in any of the books. Catelyn reveals that she read in Henry'notebook how when Henry was 14, he found Swan and Jimmy having sex in the store. Henry was devastated because he was "in love" with her. I am sure that it was during this encounter, or others before Jimmy's death, that their child was conceived. Jimmy Revels was killed by Sonny Thornfield at the the bone tree.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I suppose Jimmy didn't have to survive in order to have a child with Swan, but I was also basing it on the fact that they mentioned several times that someone could survive being skinned alive. I need to go back and read The Bone Tree again because I think they came out and said Jimmy Revels survived but I don't remember for sure. I will have to check it out of the library again because now I am curious if I am remembering correctly.

      You made several good points and I agree with you about the stereotypes thank you for sharing your opinion.

  2. I look forward to what you discover. I definitely could have missed that he lived. I just finished listening to Mississippi Blood today, and I am glad that the trilogy is finally over. I admire Iles for the effort it took to complete this opus, although in the end I was disappointed.

    1. OK, I think this is probably what gave me the idea he was alive page 746 of The Bone Tree "one a daughter, and the other the descendant of a man they believed martyred long ago, and without children." I took it to mean that he didn't die and therefore wasn't martyred but ... it could have just meant that Swan was pregnant and therefore he did have children.

  3. Thank you for these write ups! I am wondering what happened to Albert Norris's notes and ledgers. Why did they go into such great details about what good notes he took of who slept with who, who borrowed money from him, who owed what and what a great businessman he was to not have those notes turn up again somewhere else in the series. Did they all just burn up in the fire? If so why devote so much commentary to what a good record keeper he was!

    1. That's a good point. I honestly think there will be another book the ending of this book had so many loose ends and seemed so unfinished. I really hope Albert Norris's notes and ledgers are out there somewhere waiting to be discovered.


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