Apr 2, 2017

Micro by Michael Crichton, Richard Preston

MicroMicro by Michael Crichton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book seemed rather disjointed which I guess is what happens when the original author dies and the book is "finished" by someone else.

The book begins when Eric supposedly drowns after sending his brother (Peter) a text telling him not to come to Oahu. Peter along with the rest of the students of course come to Oahu anyway. Peter soon discovers that Eric's girlfriend Alyson played a role in his drowning. After enlisting the aid of one of the students back in Cambridge to hack Alyson's phone Peter learns that Alyson was operating on Vin Drake's orders and plots to expose them (Instead of going to the police like an intelligent individual would have done). Peter exposes Alyson and Vin to a room full of students and Vin immediately rushes the students to the machine that shrinks things including people after setting off an alarm that clears the building. (OK, after hearing someone confess to murder I really wouldn't be inclined to follow them deeper into a building when everyone else is rushing outside). At this point Alyson gets cold feet, apparently killing your boyfriend because you are in love with the CEO (who has a girlfriend) is OK, but killing his brother and a bunch of other students isn't. But after helping the students escape from the building she then decides that she needs to get rid of them and dumps them in the forest where Mother Nature can take care of them.

Meanwhile the police are investigating the death of a P.I. and the men he was working for. They were killed by tiny robots.

After facing various hazards Jenny Linn drowns after Danny Minot lets go of her, Amar Sing and Peter are shot by Vin Drake's men, Erika was killed by a Mynah Bird, Rick Hutter, Karen King and Danny Minot are the only survivors to reach Tantalus where they discover Ben. Danny sneaks off from everyone and calls Vin Drake for help (why would you call someone who had been trying to kill you????) Vin arranges to meet Danny, Danny steals a plane from Ben and flies to meet Vin, but is killed by a bat, on his way to the meeting. Vin goes to Tantalus and sets fire to Ben's hideout. Ben helps Rick and Karen escape in the two remaining planes before he is consumed by the fire. Eric resurfaces and takes Rick and Karen to the machine where they can regain their regular size but they are attacked by robots and have a final showdown with Vin before the police arrive.

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