Mar 6, 2017

Humans, Bow Down

Humans, Bow DownHumans, Bow Down by James Patterson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Cheap rip off of the Robopocalypse, series by Daniel H. Wilson and Terminator. Six aka Sixie and Sarah Jane runs around with her best friend Dubs going to Thrill Kill movies and stealing Hu-Bot cars, because life is so awful for the humans on the reservation. Woe is me and don't ask me how old these juvenile delinquents are because the time line is hard to pin down. According to one time line MikkyBo gives they have been around for 3 decades putting them in their 30s which really doesn't compute. Another time line would have them around 16 or 17 which makes more sense. And are they the main characters not sure as soon the Hu-Bot MikkyBo (who is 7) takes center stage. So Six and Dubs steal a hu-bot car and Detective MikkyBo is sent to track them down and finds them at a drag race with a bunch of other kids from the reservation the Bots who are suppose to be under Mikky's command but who do not listen to her start killing all the kids. Six, Dubs and Trip (Dubs' cousin) escape and Mikky sets out to track them down. Dubs is killed and Mikky is decapitated so what does Six do, cart Mikky to her Grandpa JJ (who created the Hu-bots) so he can repair Mikky. He repairs and reprograms Mikky to fight the Hu-bots and off we go to save the world from the Hu-bot premier who wants to exterminate all the humans.

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