Jan 14, 2017

Paddling the Pascagoula by Ernest Herndon, Scott B. Williams (Goodreads Author)

Paddling the PascagoulaPaddling the Pascagoula
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Amusing account of 3 guys trip down the Pascagoula River.

From the book
"Mississippi is blessed to have a river system like the Pascagoula. I had just paddle 240 miles of uninterrupted downstream waterway. Not once did I have to get out of my boat to portage over a dam, go through a lock, or even drag over a fallen tree. For two weeks I had been surrounded by forest passing only minimal signs of human alteration and civilization in the form of bridges and infrequent dwellings. The Pascagoula River Basin is still a place where nature dominates and the lands surrounding the river and its tributaries are a haven not only for the diverse plant and animal communities but for all who care to explore them"

I am hoping to have the chance to paddle some of the River myself and just hope George County doesn't destroy it with a dam to create Lake George, before I have the opportunity.

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Having read this book I am even more determined to join with others to Protect the Pascagoula River Basin.   

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