Jan 9, 2017

Airport - Code Red

Airport - Code RedAirport - Code Red by James Patterson

Fast paced if at times implausible.

Retired SAS Matt Bates is meeting his friend Chaz at the airport when they prevent a sword wielding jihadist from killing a Saudi Prince. Moments later they watch in horror as the Prince's head of security guns him down. But things get even more out of hand when a jihadist group takes travelers prisoner at the check in hall of Terminal three they have a chemical bomb set to go off in 31 minutes and no demands ( OK this is just stupid, if they don't have any demands why set the bomb to go off in 31 minutes, so Matt and Chaz have time to stop it. Why not just blow the place up? Why take hostages at all, why not just blow the place up with no warning?)

Matt and Chaz escape from the jihadist, make contact with the officials in charge outside, concoct a scheme to disarm the chemical bomb and succeed by the skin of their teeth.

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