Jul 20, 2017

The Lost (Witch & Wizard, #5)

The Lost (Witch & Wizard, #5)The Lost by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darrius leading a team of magical thugs terrorizes  the city, which gives Bloom the excuse he needs to insist those who have magic submit and have it excised from them. In an effort to please his girlfriend, Janine (who doesn't have magic) Whit submits. But without magic he is just a hollow shell, Whit eventually leaves Janine and goes to live in a drain pipe when his parents banish him for giving up his magic.

Now Darrius is free to terrorize the city with his band of desert Horseman, but just when you think things can't get any worse Undead from Shadowland coming pouring from the tunnels that Darrius forced the people of they city to dig. Without the help of her brother Wisty fears she can't stop Darrius, but Aunt Bea saves the day when she finds a way for Wisty to share her powers with Whit.

Together again they face off against Darrius only to discover that he is really Pearce and that he shares his soul with The One Who Is The One. In a final confrontation Pearce stands up to his Father and Bryon Swain sacrifices his life to close the portals and keep The One Who Is The One locked away forever.

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Jul 17, 2017

It's Back!!! GoT - Dragonstone Still No Book

 Still aggravated that we DON'T HAVE THE NEXT BOOK YET.

Loved when Arya Stark posed as Walder Frey and poisoned House Frey. So nice to see the Frey's get what they deserved for the Red Wedding, that was the highlight of the episode. Hope Arya keeps her promise to kill Cersei although I was rather sad that she didn't return to Winterfell. Euron Greyjoy arrives at King's Landing hoping to marry Cersei, and while Cersei turned him down she left the door open, Euron is off to collect a prize for his Queen. 

Bran Stark is now "safe" at The Wall.

Sansa is still acting stupid and tried to undermine Jon Snow. I hope she stops listening to Little Finger and I hope they realize he was the one responsible for Ned's death soon.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone.

Sam sends word to Jon that Dragonstone is actually built on a mountain of Dragonstone which they need to defeat the undead. Poor Sam is having a rough time of it as he is being kept from the books that might help him learn the secrets needed to defeat the undead. Sam eventually steals the keys in order to read the books. At the Citadel Sam is pretty much being treated as a slave and forced to perform disgusting task. Sam isn't the only one suffering at The Citadel, Jorah Mormont (glad he isn't dead) is locked away there, he makes a brief appearance when he ask Sam if Daenerys has arrived.

The Hound is riding around with Beric Dondarrion

Brienne is with Sansa, I really wish that the romance with her and Jaime had been allowed to blossom.

Jul 16, 2017

Two From the Heart by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), Frank Costantini, Emily Raymond, Brian Sitts

Two From the HeartTwo From the Heart by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two cute short stories perfect for a lazy summer day. In Tell Me Your Best Story Anne visits people from her past collecting their best stories and discovers her future. In Write Me A Life, a man who can buy anything hires a pretty much unknown book author to write him a life and his "staff" make the manuscript come true until it gets too real.

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Jul 14, 2017

Camino Island by John Grisham (Goodreads Author)

Camino IslandCamino Island by John Grisham
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well I didn't totally hate it, but I didn't really care for it either. BORING is the word that comes to mind.

The crime was hard to care about F. Scott Fitzgerald's handwritten manuscripts that hardly anyone gets to see were stolen from Princeton. Two of the thieves are captured right away, but when they don't check in the other two realize something is wrong. Seeing Trey as a weak link Denny kills him and makes off with the manuscripts.

Aspiring writer loaded down with student loan debt, Mercer agrees to work with a private insurance company to recover the manuscripts that they suspect a bookstore owner (Bruce) on Camino Island has in his possession.

Bruce outwits the FBI and the private investigators and smuggles the manuscripts under their noises to France where a lawyer brokers a deal with Princeton to return them for a princely sum.

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Jul 13, 2017

Sea Salt Sprays

TRESemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray 6.76 oz

 This is my top choice as it doesn't have a noticeable smell and it provides the tousled beach waves I love.


Got2b Beach Trippin Salt Infusion Waving Spray, 6.8 Fluid oz

It does a great job providing the tousled beach waves and you get slightly more in the bottle, but it has a slight vinegar smell.  I wouldn't consider it a deal breaker but it does make it my second choice.

 My favorite way to use  sea salt sprays,  apply to hair after shampooing and allow to air dry either scrunching the hair as it dries or putting it up in a twisty bun for even more waves, when I take it down.

Jul 12, 2017

Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves, #1)

Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves, #1)Master of Seduction by Kinley MacGregor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Jack kidnaps the enchanting Lorelei Dupree he gets more than he bargained for when she steals his heart. Determined to seek vengeance for the death of a man he considered a Father and to avenge the betrayal of his Mother Jack regrets that the price will be Lorelei's love, but when she stands up for him to Lord Wallingford he embraces the new life she offers him.

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Jul 10, 2017

Murder Games

Murder GamesMurder Games by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Over the top even for Patterson. A serial killer is leaving playing cards behind at the scene of his crimes as well as Professor Dylan Reinhart's latest book. So the lead Detective Elizabeth Needham ask him to consult on the case. Eventually they discover the motive for the murders and after accusing the wrong man in the press they eventually discover the identity of the real Dealer. Hopefully this isn't going to become a series, it's too James Bond for words.

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Many of you know I have started using essential oils. Frankincense is one of my favorites. I love the smell and it has done wonderful things for my skin. Right now I am using a Frankincense and Lavender mixture to deal with the effects of too much sun.
I thought the box the diffuser came in was pretty. I often put essential oils in the diffuser for the cats and dogs. Scylla's favorite essential oil is Copaiba it has her feeling like a young kitten again. I mix a little Copaiba with a carrier oil ( I like coconut oil) and massage her hips with it. 

Jul 8, 2017

The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk #1)

The Silent CornerThe Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jane Hawk is determined to get to the bottom of her husband's apparent suicide. After her son is threatened she hides him away with family friends and begins to piece together the bizarre world of mind control via nanotechnology.

Trusting no one in the FBI, she turns to a homeless man she meet in the library. Not only does Dougal Trahern (aka DEET) turn out to have plenty of money, useful friends who will do anything for him but he has the skills she needs to get to the Shennecks who created the nanotechnology. When her boss Nathan Silverman shows up during their home invasion Jane first feels relief but she quickly realizes that Nathan is no longer acting of his own volition when he kills the Shennecks, and she is forced to kill him.

Dougal is shot during the home invasion but will recover. And Jane gets samples of the nanotechnology and the notes that Bertold Shenneck had in his safe. Now she is going after the man behind it all David James Michael.

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Jul 6, 2017

United States Post Office Does a Lousy Job Delivering Father's Day Present

My Dad finally got his Father's Day present yesterday, 15 days after the promised delivery date. The address on the package was CORRECT ( my Dad verified this when he FINALLY got the package) so the delay was entirely the post offices fault. Apparently at some point a bad bar code was placed on the package so it went from Perdido, Alabama (where the company I ordered it from was located) to Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA back to TN then back to GA numerous times when it was suppose to be in Meridian, MS.

I understand mistakes happen, but the post office really needs to find a better way of dealing with mistakes. First getting to talk to a person is a PAIN, the automated computer system doesn't give you an option for talking to a person. You have to go through it's unhelpful system until the computer decides it can't help you or doesn't understand you and then you get put on hold for 30 + minutes. The first two times I called I got rude unhelpful men who had no interest whatsoever in locating my Dad's package and getting it to him. They did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  The third time I called I got a nice woman who opened an investigation, she discovered it had a bad bar code which was causing the looping. She called their distribution center in TN where it was going to have a human intervene in the automated process. Unfortunately that didn't work (apparently the humans in TN weren't interested in intercepting it). Another phone call resulted in emails being sent to both TN and GA apparently one of them finally intercepted it and got the bad bar code off of it and sent it on to it's destination. While the outside package was terribly banged up, the good news is the company that packaged it did an excellent job and the inside package was fine.

Bottom line is I wouldn't use the United States Postal Service if I had another choice.  

Jul 5, 2017

Crazy House by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), Gabrielle Charbonnet

Crazy HouseCrazy House by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ends on a bit of a cliff hanger but there is no indication there is a sequel so perhaps the reader is suppose to draw their own conclusions Ms Strepp did make it sound as if the Revolution was a long term plan.

Becca and Cassie live in an agricultural cell with very strict rules. Becca the more rebellious of the identical twins disappears one night when she is out in Cassie's truck. The kidnappers actually meant to take Cassie. Becca winds up in a jail on death row where she is made to fight other prisoners and learn things. She witnesses several executions so she is appalled when Cassie who has been looking for her is thrown in jail with her. Luckily for Becca she has won the heart of one of the prison guards, Tim. Cassie had become friends with the Provost's son, Nate (who happens to be the leader of the Outsiders in their cell) and he soon comes looking for her. With the help of a kid from a neighboring cell he finds them only to be captured himself and his leg is severely injured in a fight. Unfortunately they don't dare to wait to make their escape until Nate is healed so the kids find the tunnel The Kid's Father dug when he escaped from The Crazy House and with an injured Nate in tow escape during an execution. Tim is waiting for them with a pickup truck and they return to their respective cells. Tim wants to check on his Mother and sister, Becca and Cassie want to see their Pa, who has been in a medical facility since his botched suicide.

Their Father dies soon after their return, their home is for sale and the Provost intends to send them for a Mood-Adjust. Their Mother never returned after she was sent for a Mood-Adjust and Nate's Mother was drastically changed after she was sent for a Mood-Adjust. Not to mention all the people pushing assisted suicide on them to make way for a baby, things are indeed looking bleak and only get worse after they convince their fellow citizens that they were kidnapped and that some of the children who have disappeared from their cell were in the jail with them. They rally the citizens to go to the jail only to find it deserted. Imprisoned in their home to await their mood-adjust, it's almost a relief when Ms Strepp kidnaps them again. She then reveals to them that the Forbidden Zone is a paradise of relaxation and plenty for the wealthy while the people in cells are forced to labor away under harsh conditions in order to provide them with the luxuries and food they desire. Ms Strepp's "jail" is a training ground (with faked executions) for Revolutionaries to take down the United.

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Jun 29, 2017

Dorchester Terrace (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #27)

Dorchester Terrace (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #27)Dorchester Terrace by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pitt has been made head of Special Branch permanently, Victor Narraway has been forced into retirement but he and Vespasia still manage to lend a hand and seem to become closer to one another.

Vespasia is concerned for her friend Serafina, who once fought with the revolutionaries and knows secrets that could get her and others killed. Serafina is suffering from dementia (we would probably say Alzheimer's) and is afraid she will reveal secrets to the wrong person. Vespasia goes to Narraway for help.

Meanwhile Pitt has reason to believe that Duke Alois might be in danger of being assassinated when he comes to visit England but his superior Lord Tregarron brushes him off (causing a rift between Charlotte and Emily as Jack has recently gone to work for Lord Tregarron) and tells him Alois is a nobody. Blantyre on the other hand offers his assistance, but Pitt soon has reason to doubt his motives.

When Serafina is murdered her niece points the finger at Blantyre's wife, but when Adriana is also murdered Pitt soon uncovers the fact that Evan Blantyre was the one who betrayed Adriana's Father. Meanwhile Narraway and Vespasia uncover the fact that Lord Tregarron is committing treason in order to cover up his Father's sins. Vespasia warns Jack, who travels to Dover to warn Pitt. Pitt is pleasantly surprised by Duke Alois, but is unable to stop Lord Tregarron from killing one of the Duke's men. To Tregarron's surprise Pitt turns him into a Double Agent instead of arresting him. Late to the Ball Pitt is almost to late realizing that it was Blantyre who wanted Alois dead. With the realization that Blantyre has been pulling the strings, Pitt makes the only decision he can he ends Blantyre.

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Jun 27, 2017

It's raining Jewels!!!!!!!!

What could be better than a terrific body scrub? A body scrub with a ring inside.

The Lily of the Valley is a really nice scent and leaves you skin silky and smooth.

And the rings are gorgeous.

Jun 26, 2017

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts (Goodreads Author)

Come SundownCome Sundown by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice left home at 18 on the day of her sister's wedding, 3 years later at 21 she tried to go home but was intercepted by a "Patriot" who kept her chained up for 26 years, to serve as his "wife", he sold off the daughters she bore him and kept the boy (Roy) away from her. Now Alice is home and mending mentally and physically but when her niece goes missing Alice has to reveal the final secret she kept. Her "Roy" is working on the ranch.

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Jun 24, 2017

Revenge by Lisa Jackson (Goodreads Author)

RevengeRevenge by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It's actually 3 books and they are more like Harlequin Romances.

A is for Always - Skye has returned to town as a full fledged Doctor and without his Father in the way Max is free to court her, apparently the fact she can't have kids doesn't bother him at all. Too bad Jonah chases her out of town all those years ago.

B is for Baby - Jenner (who was injured in a barn fire) finds a reason to live when a woman he doesn't remember (Beth) returns to town with his son in tow.

C is for Cowboy - when Casey is kidnapped Jenner hires his friend Sloan to find her. But when Sloan rescues her from the cabin she is being held in, he finds more than he bargained for.

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Jun 14, 2017

Suspect (Scott James & Maggie #1)

SuspectSuspect by Robert Crais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite parts were the chapters from Maggie (the German Shepherds) POV. Maggie's trainer Pete died in Afghanistan and Maggie was severely wounded. Now Maggie is in the States and her fate is in Leland's hands, he will determine if she is fit to serve as a LAPD Police Dog, and his first ruling is that due to her PTS and injuries she is unfit to be a member of his K9 team, but when Scott James ask for her Leland agrees to give him two weeks to work with her.

Scott too suffers from PTS and has series injuries from the night he was shot and his partner Stephanie was killed. Working with Maggie Scott begins to heal and when Detective Bud Orso and Joyce Cowly give him access into the investigation he jumps at the chance to help.

With Maggie's help Scott uncovers a witness, but the witness is murdered shortly after Scott talks to him and Scott is the chief suspect. Thanks to Maggie he also realizes his home was broken into and when his psychiatrist calls telling Scott his office was broken into and Scott's file was stolen Scott comes to a chilling realization. Not sure who on the police force he can trust he continues to track down leads. Realizing he needs help from someone on the inside he reaches out to Joyce, but when her investigation into a diamond heist alerts the mastermind behind the murders everyone's life depends on Maggie's bravery.

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Jun 12, 2017

You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson (Goodreads Author)

You Will PayYou Will Pay by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The constant flipping between past and present was annoying.

20 years ago 3 people disappeared from a Christian Youth Camp. The two counselors were young girls who were pregnant, and Dusty Peters was a drifter hired to work at the camp.

The book begins with Elle contemplating throwing herself off a cliff due to her pregnancy but then changing her mind and someone pushing her, but after her "death" people continued to catch site of her

Monica, was sleeping with Jo-Beth's boyfriend Tyler and claimed to be pregnant with his baby. Her disappearance solved a lot of problems for Tyler but the night Monica disappeared Tyler was stabbed in the back by a kitchen knife that Reva gave Jo-Beth. And Jo-Beth and Reva were both late to the meeting Jo-Beth called where she insisted all the girls tell the same story to the police.

Now all the girls are back in town. Old romances are rekindled and the girls are finally determined to tell the truth, but one woman is determined to use the reunion as an opportunity to settle old scores, and another will pay the ultimate price for her faith in the wrong man.

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Jun 7, 2017

Sam The Cat Detective (Sam the Cat Mystery, #1)

Sam The Cat Detective (Sam the Cat Mystery, #1)Sam The Cat Detective by Linda Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Delightfully fun perfect for a quick beach read.

Sam is hired by Sugary to find a jade necklace that was stolen from her people. With the help of other cats in the neighborhood and the street cats, Sam tracks down the thief and arranges for him to be captured by the cops.

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Jun 4, 2017

Ross Poldark (Poldark, #1)

Ross Poldark (Poldark, #1)Ross Poldark by Winston Graham
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

(October 1783 - April 1785)
Ross returns from the War in America to find his Father dead, his lands in disarray and his girlfriend (Elizabeth) engaged to his cousin Francis. He sets about setting his lands in order and getting over Elizabeth.

When his cousin Verity falls for an unsuitable man (Captain Blamey) Ross allows them to meet secretly at his house when Charles and Francis find out they ride over to Ross' home and confront the couple. The hotheaded Francis challenges Blamey to a duel and is wounded, due to the duel Verity ends her relationship with Captain Blamey.

Elizabeth and Francis have a son (Geoffrey) and Elizabeth is no longer interested in her husband. Francis assumes it is because she wishes she was with Ross and has no clue that Geoffrey is his rival. Charles collapses at Geoffrey's christening.

Ross allows Jim (his employee) to live in a house rent free so that he can marry his sweetheart Jinny. When Jinny becomes pregnant with Benjamin she can no longer work in the mines so Jim in forced to go back to the mines and leave Ross' employee as a farm laborer because farm labor doesn't pay enough. Due to his inability to spend time in the mines without getting sick Jim starts going out poaching and to ship wrecks one night when he is out Jinny and Benjamin are attacked by Reuben Clemmow.

Ross brings a young girl (Demelza) who was abused by her Father home to help Prudie (another servant) along with her dog.

(I took a break here in order to read an Inter Library Loan that came in)

(April - May 1787)
Jim is arrested for poaching and is sentenced to two years in prison. Demelza seduces Ross, after her Father threatens to force her to return to his home. Elizabeth ask Ross to help with Francis' gambling.

(June - December 1787)
Demelza and Ross are married. Francis continues to gamble. Charles dies. Verity and Demelza become friends and Demelza schemes to reunite Verity with Blamey. Ross realizes he loves Demelza. Demelza suspects she is pregnant but hasn't told Ross yet.

I was rather disappointed in the book and didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to. The characters didn't seem very well fleshed out. Not sure if I will read the next in the series or not.

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Jun 3, 2017

Deadmen Walking (Deadman's Cross Trilogy #1)

Deadmen WalkingDeadmen Walking by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After several books where it seemed like she spent the majority of the book rehashing past events or telling the same story from someone else's point of view we are finally treated to a book full of new characters, new events and some answers to questions..........

***Spoiler Alert ****
For one thing we are going back in time to the Year of Our Lord 1716 although Sherrilyn Kenyon uses the modern names for the places she takes us Cameron Amelia Maire jack's brother is missing. He was first believed lost at sea, but somehow the formidable Captain Paden Jack found a way to send what appears to be a worthless charm to Cammy. After consulting Menyara, Cammy seeks out Captain Devyl Bane (aka Du) and shows him the charm (Seraph medallion). He immediately has Cammy taken to his ship while he and his friends finish off the demons that were at the bar to prey on the humans.

And really it would have been nice if there had been a cast of characters so we could keep everyone straight. So I'll provide one here along with the secrets that are revealed, so I can refer to it when Book 2 in the trilogy comes out.

Cameron Jack and her brother Paden Jack are born of the Seraphim Michael's linage. This makes their blood very powerful and it can be used to open the gates of hell. This book isn't really about them other than Paden's capture by Vine sets the events in motion. While Paden knows what he is Cammie was ignorant of her linage until Du told her, after she saves the ship when it was under attack by casting a veil using the Seraph Medallion Paden sent her.

Lettice is carrying Paden Jack's child, I expect her to actually play a role in future books. She is merely mentioned in this book.

Rafael Christoph Santiago - a pirate who knows what Du and Mara are and helps them when he can.

Marcelina aka Mara, she is from an ancient race, Vanir Deruvians, that can take the form of trees. She is the soul of The Sea Witch. This is her and Du's book. Centuries ago her people were battling Du's people. One of the Vanir Deruvians tricked Du's sister, Elf (aka Elyzabel) into marrying him and planting her harthfret (life source), so she couldn't regenerate. He and his friends then raped and killed Elf. When Du found Elf's body he went mad with rage and attacked Mara's nemeton (sacred grove), Mara took human form and threw herself in front of Du to save her family. Thinking he wouldn't know what she was doing she bound her life force to his. She doesn't know that the bargain Du made with Thorn gives her, her freedom.

Devyl Bane (his real name is Don-Dueli of the Dumnonii he was their Druid leader, Du or Duel for short) he is actually from several ancient races Aesir & Adoni (Father), Deruvian Vanir (Mother), and has several secrets. Untangling his family tree can give you a headache. His grandfather was the king of the Adoni, and his mother was a daughter of Yggdrasill. Not only does he know that Thorn's real name is Leucious Forneus, he knows who Thorn's real Father is (Noir). And when Vine killed Du it was his third death, he was reborn as a coryn (the most powerful of their kind, a sorcerer of unparalleled strength and abilities).

Vine - Mara's sister and Du's ex-wife. Vine killed Du when he wanted to make peace with the Romans. She is so evil that she didn't care that Mara would die too. Or maybe it was just an added bonus as she is well aware that Du has always loved Mara. If fact the only person who seems oblivious to that fact is Mara.

Strixa - sea witch Du summons, she eventually joins the crew of her own free will and it is only with her help that they are able to save Mara.

Deadmen (dead souls that Thorn is giving a second chance to, they are bound to him by his mark on their wrist and are part of the Hell-Chasers, the Seraphim and their Necrodemians are Hell-Hunters):
Bart Meers
William "Will" Death (pronounced Deeth but don't worry Du pronounces it like it's spelled Death so you can too.)
Zumari - a Maasai warrior
Kalder - the crew refer to him as a mermaid but his people are actually known as Myrcians. He will give his life to free Cammie and her brother. Thorn promises to find a way to bring him back. Kalder was killed by his own Mother after his brother was killed in retaliation for something Kalder did.
Valynda - due to a miscast spell she is in doll form.
Sancha - in her past life she was Donna Maria Esmeralda de la Vega y Tarancon. (I suspect she will get her own book, rumor has it she will hook up with Jake Devereaux).
Janice Smith - (actually a Dark Hunter who was saved by Du when they found her adrift at sea). Janice is a necromancer by trade with telekinesis and a degree of clairvoyance.
Sallie -he keeps his soul in a bottle, which the crew is always stealing. To their consternation they discover that he really does keep his soul in a bottle and that when it is released he becomes a young warrior instead of the old man they have been mercilessly teasing.
Katashi (aka Wild Kat)
Simon Dewing - a former priest of Exu, he is able to shape shift into a raven. (Kat and Simon are homosexuals and are married)
Jake Devereaux
Blake Landrey
Hinder Desai
Alabama - from the Choctaw nation before his death.

Most of the book is taken up with Du and Mara discovering their love for each other and all the mistakes they have made in the past. And the various attacks that befall them as they try to rescue Paden and Cammy's eventual capture. When the gates of hell weaken we learn that Adarian has just finished off a son that he had with a demon and absorbed new powers that broke the seals on the gates. Adarian is also one of the most powerful Malachai ever (In other words Nick shouldn't have been able to kill him). It is only due to Adarian's hatred for Noir and Azura that humanity is safe. Adarian is hiding from Noir and Azura in the mortal realm, but those who fight for the light, live in fear that he will end the world when he thinks he is strong enough to go after Noir and Azura. The prophecy says the Malachai would slay the gods of old and replace them all and once they were gone, and their curse with them, their Malachai demon would reign as the supreme power of the universe and rebuild his bloodline.

The only hope is an obscure legend of the Excambiare Malachai. Like the firstborn Malachai, known as Monakribos, this one wold be conceived from an equal share of light (Mother) and dark (Father) powers. the Excambiare's birth would complete the Malachai cycle and restore the balance that had been shifted by the thousands of Malachai who'd come along after Monakribos. It would break the curse the primal gods had placed on the Malachai and shatter the Malachai's Cimmerian bonds. He would be free to serve himself and no longer be bound solely to evil. (Nick is the Excambiare Malachai his Mother Cherise is a demi-goddess of Light)

Iri - are Seraphim that fight for the Dark Forces. Gadreyal is an Iri.

When the Iri attack the Sea Witch Du has Mara separate herself from the ship and takes everyone to Alfheim, the Adoni Kingdom. Apparently Du is the rightful King of the Adoni but his Uncle currently occupies the throne.

Too late Mara realizes her sister Vine has gone full Winter. During their fight Vine uses the fact that Du sold his soul to Thorn in order to give Mara her freedom to distract her and Mara is "killed". Killed in this universe is a mere technicality and not always a permanent condition. Vine took the harthfret Mara wore around her throat to plant in Tyr's Wood in order to totally destroy her. Strixa tells Du where Vine has gone and he follows and here we get a nice surprise. Mara has switched her harthfret out with Elf's (Du wore it in a ring) in order to try to regenerate Elf. When Vine buried Elf's harthfret due to several happy coincidences Elf is regenerated. And apparently being dead made Elf really angry because she goes after Vine and "kills" her. Unfortunately Noir uses Jaden to bring Vine back but no one knows that yet. They also don't know that Noir controls Paden and Cammy.

Valynda gets Nibo to help bring Mara back from the dead after Du agrees to exchange himself for her. Don't worry we get a happy ending because Du sold himself to Thorn to unbind their lives and part of the agreement was that Mara never be harmed when he sacrificed himself for Mara he actually bought his freedom from Thorn. But Mara and Du both choose to stay with their crew.

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May 28, 2017

Full Wolf Moon (Jeremy Logan, #5)

Full Wolf Moon (Jeremy Logan, #5)Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jeremy Logan goes to an exclusive artist retreat to work on his monograph on heresy in the Middle Ages, but before he can get started an old friend, Randall Jessup, from Yale who is now a park ranger ask him to investigate the suspicious deaths in the area.

Rumors of werewolves are rampant regarding the Blakeney family in the hollow, but of course Jeremy doesn't believe in werewolves, so he is committed to finding the logical explanation for the vicious murders. When he visits the research station founded by Dr. Chase Feverbridge to question the occupants about anything they may have seen he is saddened to learn of Dr. Feverbridge's death but enchanted by his daughter Laura who is ostensibly carrying on her Father's work, when he later learns Laura's secret he agrees to keep it as he doesn't believe it could harm anyone.

Jessup stumbles on the solution to the murders but before he can meet Logan he is savagely killed. After learning more about Feverbridge's work Logan puts things together and confronts Laura. But will Logan survive the confrontation?

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May 24, 2017

Don't Breathe a Word

Don't Breathe a WordDon't Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Irritating how it alternated between 15 years ago (narrated by Lisa) and the present (narrated by Phoebe).

Phoebe is dating Sam whose sister went missing 15 years ago. The only clues were the gifts the Fairy King left for Lisa and Sam and Lisa's cousin Evie's weird behavior. Now someone is contacting Sam claiming Lisa is coming back from the land of Fairy. But is the pathetic creature they find really his sister? and what happened to the baby she gave birth too? When Sam and Phoebe uncover the incestuous secrets Sam's Mother and Aunt have been hiding Sam fears for his own child's safety and flees with a pregnant Phoebe. But did Teilo find them and take their baby? or has Phoebe lost her mind?

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May 20, 2017

Against All Odds

Against All OddsAgainst All Odds by Danielle Steel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Widow Kate Madison's resale shop is taking off and her grown children are embroiled in romances some of which end in disaster, and when her long time friend Liam's wife dies Kate is there to offer comfort.

I didn't like the fact that Liam's wife was apparently his second choice poor woman he was in love with Kate when they were in college but was too young to get married when Kate married Tom, and was engaged to Maureen when Tom died. Then Maureen conveniently gets killed by a drunk driver when she is out with Tom and now he is "free" to be with Kate.

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May 18, 2017

16th Seduction (Women's Murder Club, #16)

16th Seduction (Women's Murder Club, #16)16th Seduction by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Joe is hurt in a bomb blast when he is on a date with Lindsay. The bomber confesses to Lindsay, but then recants. The jury finds him not guilty and he turns the table on Lindsay by having Internal Affairs investigate her and suing her for False Arrest. But the mild mannered school teacher isn't what he seems.

Meanwhile Claire has Lindsay looking into a string of suspicious deaths, and the only clue leads to a mental hospital.

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May 16, 2017


OminousOminous by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The plot is a little thin. Someone has been kidnapping girls and taking them to a shack miles from nowhere and keeping them as sex slaves. Some of the townspeople think the three girls just ran away from home, or got what they deserve. Shortly after these three girls disappear Kat (Detective Patrick Starr's daughter), Ruth (the Preacher's kid) and Shiloh decide to sneak out one night and drive to a lake in the middle of nowhere to go skinny dipping. Someone starts taking pictures of the naked girls with a flash, they run. The photographer catches Ruth and rapes her (OK, this makes no sense the other girls he took to his shack before raping them so why did he deviate from his pattern?) Shiloh and Kat come back and attack him and the three girls get away. Ruth begs them not to tell anyone and they agree not to Shiloh leaves town shortly afterwards when her Stepfather attacks her.

15 years later Shiloh's Mother dies and Shiloh returns to town to care for her half-sister. Kat is a Detective and Ruth has returned to town as a therapist. Courtney's (one of the original three girls who went missing) body is found after she kills herself with barbed wire to escape from the monster who has held her for 15 years. And another local girl Addie goes missing. Kat convinces Ruth to come forward and everyone tries to discover who attacked her 15 years ago. A mysterious caller on Ruth's crises hotline turns out to be Erin (another one of the original girls who went missing) she escaped when the kidnapper was busy subduing Rachel (the last of the original girls to go missing).

Eventually the kidnapper is found and Addie is rescued.

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May 15, 2017

BOLT® Lithium Max Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum | 2133

I like that Bissell helps pets with the profits.

The hand vac is heavy and the power switch is where I would like to grip the handle, which results in the vacuum being accidentally turned off. It's also to long to use in the car and the wimpy suction doesn't have the power to get the pet hair up. To be fair Fenris' (Great Pyrenees Mix) hair seems to have magical properties light enough to float through the car from the cargo area where he is contained to the front seat and then it sticks like Velcro.My upright vacuum can't seem to pick it up either. The hand vac does as least have a nifty tool that scraps the hair off the seats, with more suction power it would be awesome.

I like that it has a washable filter and that it is easy to empty. The trash container is pretty large the battery goes dead before I even get it half full.

Did great picking up a small spill in the refrigerator.  

May 13, 2017

The Black Book by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), David Ellis

The Black BookThe Black Book by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not many books begin with the death of the main character but Patterson pulls it off. The book begins with Patty Harney going to a crime scene where she finds the bodies of her twin brother Detective Billy Harney, his lover Amy Lentini the assistant state's attorney and his partner Detective Kate Fenton. It appears that Kate killed Billy and Amy in a fit of jealous rage and that Billy shot Kate in self defense, but things aren't as they seem. For one thing Billy isn't dead, but he can't remember anything that happened two weeks prior to the shooting.

The rest of the book flips between the past and the present with Billy trying desperately to remember what happened so he can defend himself against the murder charges leveled against him, and the killers are the last people Billy would suspect.

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May 8, 2017

Expecting to Die (To Die, #7)

Expecting to Die (To Die, #7)Expecting to Die by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bianca is at a party where the teens are playing hide and seek. Something large chases her through the woods and she falls in the creek at Reservoir Point and discovers a dead body.

The body turns out to be that of a schoolmate Destiny. Convinced that the Father of the baby Destiny was carrying is the killer Selena and Regan set off to track down the likely teen killer. But before they can Lindsey (another one of Bianca's schoolmates) is run off the road and eventually found dead in her car.

Meanwhile TV reality star Barclay Sphinx has come to town to create a show about Big Foot and at first Bianca is cast in the staring role, to Luke's (Bianca's Father, Regan's ex) dismay when Laura (another schoolmate with big tits) is supposedly chased in the woods by Big Foot, Sphinx decides to make Laura the star of the show. In an attempt to get Bianca back in the starring role Luke hires the local drug dealer (the Preacher's son, Tophman) to kidnap her. But what Luke doesn't know is that Tophman is hanging out with Destiny's killer.

Husband stealing sluts don't fare very well in this book. Marjory Tufts is killed when her Baby Daddy is afraid that Marjory's husband will discover their affair, since the husband is shooting blanks. Michelle dumps Luke for Sphinx and a shot at TV stardom but Sphinx has little use for Michelle once he wraps things up in Grizzly Falls.

Luckily Bianca has inherited her Mother's brains because she is going to need every weapon she can lay her hands on to get away from the two boys, who kidnapped her on Luke's behalf.

Meanwhile Reagan is in the hospital giving birth to Tucker Grayson Santana.

This may be the last Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli novel as Regan is considering being a stay at home Mom.

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May 3, 2017

NYPD Red 3 (NYPD Red, #3)

NYPD Red 3 (NYPD Red, #3)NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Hunter Alden's chauffeur (Peter) winds up dead Kylie and Zach are instructed to find the killer pronto and get Hunter's expensive car back to him ASAP. But soon Zach and Kylie realize another crime has been committed Hunter's son Tripp and his friend Lonnie are missing.

When a school maintenance man finds the boys locked in the basement of an abandoned school the kidnapping takes a bizarre turn when Tripp locks the maintenance man and Lonnie up and runs after notifying the police of their whereabouts.

When Tripp finds out about Peter's murder he realizes he "trusted" the wrong person with Hunter's misdeeds and that his Father may be willing to pay to have him killed once he realizes Tripp knows his secret.

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Apr 29, 2017

Dangerous Games

Dangerous GamesDangerous Games by Danielle Steel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The characters didn't seem very well developed and the book seemed formulaic.

Alix along with her cameraman Ben uncover wrong doing by the Vice-President of the United States. Ben an ex navy seal protects Alix when she receives death threats and a relationship develops between the two long time friends.

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My Mom and Dad love the DEEBOT N78 I got them for Christmas so I was beyond thrilled when ECOVACS asked me to be a product tester for the DEEBOT N79.

We have a mixture of laminate floors, tile and carpet in our house, and we have 4 cats and 2 dogs that continuously shed so keeping the floors clean is a challenge.

Day 1- I unpacked it and put the side sweepers on (very easy to do) and started charging it. I also put the app on my phone. It recommends charging for 4 hours before your first use. Once it was charged I gave it a test run in the family room (carpet) kitchen/dining room and entry hall (laminate). It did great picked up LOTS of cat and dog hair and my floors were very clean afterwards. The DEEBOT is very easy to empty and the filters are easy to clean, they even provide you with a special tool to clean the filters and roller.

Day 2 - I cleaned the Master Bedroom (carpet) while I got dressed for the day. It did a fantastic job, it was even able to go under the bed where my normal vacumn can't go. The one small problem was it couldn't get under the foot-board and it kept getting stuck, but it would beep to let me know and it was a simple matter to help it get unstuck.  One of the cleaning options is to have it just clean around the edge of a room and this is fantastic it gets the dirt around the baseboards that my normal vacumn cleaner misses. It also didn't seem to know how to go back to the docking station from the bedroom, but it was a simple matter to guide it with the remote and once it got back to the family room where the docking station is, it had no problem with the home command. I can't believe how much cat hair it picked up and how it manages to fit so much into the compartment. I also vacuumed the study (carpet) I love the way it can go under Bo's desk and get all the cat hair out from under there.

Day 3- I used it in the bathroom on the tile floors and again it did a fantastic job on the places it could get. I have very small bathrooms so there were a few places that it was unable to go.

I am so pleased with it. It is very quiet you can barely hear it so I can use it whenever I want and no one complains. It is so quiet you can even watch TV or listen to music while you vacumn the room. It does a great job picking up pet hair and other dirt that has gotten down in your carpet. The side sweepers ensure that the floor along your baseboards is also cleaned and due to it's small size it can go under beds and desk where upright vacuums can't reach. I love everything about it and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite aspect it's everything you could want in a vacumn quiet and efficient. 

I use the DEEBOT about 3 times a week to clean the entire house and it keeps my floors super clean. I use the Spot Option every day to pick up the cardboard from the cat scratcher that my cat shreds, it's super easy to direct it to the spot I want cleaned and let it do it's thing.

The cats are reserving judgement but they don't seem too bothered by it.

We have discovered one small problem. The switch to send it automatically vacuuming is on the top next to the blue light you see in this photograph. Little Chimera has stepped on it a time or two and turned it on. For most people this wouldn't be a problem, who wouldn't mind getting an extra floor cleaning, but I worry about cords being left out or the cat's toys getting stuck in it. I solved the problem by corralling it with the baby gate.


Apr 26, 2017

Treason at Lisson Grove (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #26)

Treason at Lisson Grove (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #26)Treason at Lisson Grove by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Pitt believes he sees a man slit an informants throat he followers him all the way to France with his partner Gower by his side. But as things don't add up and Pitt reviews what actually happened he quickly realizes that Gower can't be trusted. Attempting to hide his mistrust of Gower Pitt attempts to return to England leaving Gower to continue their stakeout. But Gower realizes Pitt is on to him and attempts to murder him on the return journey.

Arriving in England Pitt is dismayed to learn that Narraway has been accused of embezzlement and relived of duty, and that Charlotte realizing that Narraway's dismissal threatens Pitts livelihood and life has accompanied him to Ireland in hopes of clearing his name.

Allying himself with Stoker (the one man in Special Branch he can still trust) Pitt attempts to uncover the terrorist plot and save Narraway. Luckily Narraway has already returned to England and with his help they realize that Queen Victoria is in danger. Narraway, Charlotte and Vespasia go to Queen Victoria and Pitt heads to Special Branch to uncover the traitors in their mist and discovers the traitors reach to the very top of the chain of command.

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Apr 21, 2017

Kinsey and Me: Stories

Kinsey and Me: StoriesKinsey and Me: Stories by Sue Grafton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first half of the book is short stories about Kinsey and last half are short stories about the author mainly dealing with her alcoholic Mother's death.

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Apr 17, 2017

Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage, #6)

Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage, #6)Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I am totally disgusted with Penn Cage. Caitlyn isn't even cold in the ground yet and Greg Iles already has him hooking up with Tee. Who brings nothing to the plot, how many authors do you need in one book. Can't help but think the only reason Iles killed Caitlyn (reporter and Penn's fiancee) off is so he could put Tee (famous author and Penn's hookup) in the book and Tee is a horrible replacement, I can't stand her and I hope we don't see her in future books. I mean sneaking into a grieving man's bedroom and forcing yourself on him is beyond slutty behavior. Not to mention walking into the bathroom when he is in the shower and his daughter is downstairs. Thanks to Tee this has turned into one Trashy book. And if having Penn hook up with a virtual stranger while his daughter, Mia and his Mother are sleeping in the same house isn't bad enough we also learn that Penn has been fantasizing about Mia ( a girl young enough to be his daughter)

The book starts with Tom in prison fixing to go on trial for Viola's murder. On the way back from visiting him Penn is threatened by two VK bikers, who are delivering a message from Snake. Penn kills one of them and Tim (the bodyguard) kills the other. In retaliation for their deaths acid is thrown in Keisha Harvin's face (the reporter living in Caitlin's house). As a result Keisha's former teacher (Tee) comes down and moves into Penn's house.

They discover the woman, Dolores "Dee" St. Denis, the Double Eagles raped and then killed her husband in front of her. Delores is so light skinned the Double Eagles thought she was white and killed her husband because he married a white woman. She can identify Snake and after her former Mother-in-law is attacked she meets with the FBI.

Tom's trial is going badly and Quentin doesn't seem to be putting up much of a defense. Penn can't be there as he has to babysit Annie, so his friend Rusty calls him on the phone and he listens to the trail by phone and keeps up to date via Rusty's text (really dumb I don't see what the purpose is of not having Penn at the trial). Everyone also seems to have forgotten that Jimmy Revels survived. His survival was revealed in The Bone Tree when Jimmy and Swan's grandson came to Henry's funeral, along with Swan.

Eventually Penn is able to attend the trial in person. We learn of Tom Cage's service in Korea, we also learn that Viola changed her will shortly before her death and left a large sum of money to Henry Sexton. Her sister Cora Revels, witnessed it but Cora and Lincoln destroyed the will in order to get the inheritance they felt they deserved. We also learn that Sonny Thornfield and Snake were at Viola's house the night she died and Will Devine agrees to testify that they took his truck in exchange for the FBI putting him and his family into witness protection. But Snake finds a way to kill Will on the witness stand, at the one day of the trail Annie was allowed to attend.

Shaken up by Will's murder on the witness stand Penn and his family are taken by surprised when they are ambushed on the way home with the goal of kidnapping Annie. The bodyguards are taken out by the VK with nonlethal bullets, Penn is also injured and the VK manage to grab Annie. Mia jumps in the van with them in an effort to rescue Annie, but just when it looks as if the girls will be taken Walt Garrity steps into the path of the van and shoots the driver. Unfortunately he is unable to get out of the way of the van and dies.

The jury is ready to find Tom Cage not guilty when he changes his plea to guilty and goes to prison. Tom reveals to Penn that Snake knows that Peggy was at Viola's house the night she died and that if Tom doesn't take the fall for Snake he will frame Peggy. We also learn that Sheriff Billy Byrd is in contact with Snake and is helping him.

Lincoln finds Snake and talks Penn into going with him to kill Snake. Snake is killed, Lincoln is injured and Wilma Deen (the woman who threw acid in Keisha's face) is refusing to testify to her knowledge of Snake killing Viola now that she is safe.

I suspect that this is no longer a trilogy and that another book will be coming soon

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Apr 11, 2017

Bone Box (Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, #24)

Bone Box (Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, #24)Bone Box by Faye Kellerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Confusion reigns in this book is the victim male (Lawrence) or female (Lorraine). Was she/he killed because they were transgender? These are just some of the questions that arise when Rina stumbles on a corpse while hiking on Bogat trail alone. Soon more questions are added to the list as more bodies are found and suspects multiply.

With multiple victims and multiple killers one is left to wonder if Decker will be able to put ALL the criminals away.

Not only does Decker have "the kid" Tyler McAdams helping him, Marge and Will deliver a witness to his doorstep, Chris Donatti and Scott Oliver take turns babysitting Rina and the kid and grandkids make cameo appearances.

I probably enjoyed catching up with the old characters from previous books more than I actually enjoyed the plot.

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Apr 2, 2017

Micro by Michael Crichton, Richard Preston

MicroMicro by Michael Crichton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book seemed rather disjointed which I guess is what happens when the original author dies and the book is "finished" by someone else.

The book begins when Eric supposedly drowns after sending his brother (Peter) a text telling him not to come to Oahu. Peter along with the rest of the students of course come to Oahu anyway. Peter soon discovers that Eric's girlfriend Alyson played a role in his drowning. After enlisting the aid of one of the students back in Cambridge to hack Alyson's phone Peter learns that Alyson was operating on Vin Drake's orders and plots to expose them (Instead of going to the police like an intelligent individual would have done). Peter exposes Alyson and Vin to a room full of students and Vin immediately rushes the students to the machine that shrinks things including people after setting off an alarm that clears the building. (OK, after hearing someone confess to murder I really wouldn't be inclined to follow them deeper into a building when everyone else is rushing outside). At this point Alyson gets cold feet, apparently killing your boyfriend because you are in love with the CEO (who has a girlfriend) is OK, but killing his brother and a bunch of other students isn't. But after helping the students escape from the building she then decides that she needs to get rid of them and dumps them in the forest where Mother Nature can take care of them.

Meanwhile the police are investigating the death of a P.I. and the men he was working for. They were killed by tiny robots.

After facing various hazards Jenny Linn drowns after Danny Minot lets go of her, Amar Sing and Peter are shot by Vin Drake's men, Erika was killed by a Mynah Bird, Rick Hutter, Karen King and Danny Minot are the only survivors to reach Tantalus where they discover Ben. Danny sneaks off from everyone and calls Vin Drake for help (why would you call someone who had been trying to kill you????) Vin arranges to meet Danny, Danny steals a plane from Ben and flies to meet Vin, but is killed by a bat, on his way to the meeting. Vin goes to Tantalus and sets fire to Ben's hideout. Ben helps Rick and Karen escape in the two remaining planes before he is consumed by the fire. Eric resurfaces and takes Rick and Karen to the machine where they can regain their regular size but they are attacked by robots and have a final showdown with Vin before the police arrive.

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Essential Oils Every Day: Nature's Most Powerful Plant Medicines for Health, Healing & Happiness

Essential Oils Every Day: Nature's Most Powerful Plant Medicines for Health, Healing & HappinessEssential Oils Every Day: Nature's Most Powerful Plant Medicines for Health, Healing & Happiness by Hope Gillerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some good information on blending different oils.

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Mar 28, 2017

X (Kinsey Millhone, #24)

X (Kinsey Millhone, #24)X by Sue Grafton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now that she is independently wealthy Kinsey mainly seems to be investigating things to please herself. The one paying case she took, she wound up getting stiffed.

When Kinsey discovers a list of women's names in Pete Wolinsky's personal affects and someone claiming to be from the IRS starts hassling Ruth (Pete's wife) about expenses dating back to Pete's time at Byrd-Shine Kinsey is forced not only to investigate the matter but to reevaluate her opinion about Pete, hot on the trail of a serial killer Kinsey almost becomes his prey.

The neighbors from hell are hiding more than a penchant for taking advantage of Henry, it will be up to Kinsey to send them packing.

Ed has settled into both Henry and Kinsey's homes and has both totally under his paw.

Kinsey tries her hand at marital advice and the couple actually do listen to her.

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More Research on Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home: 200+ Amazing Household Uses for Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, and MoreEssential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home: 200+ Amazing Household Uses for Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, and More by Kasey Schwartz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some useful recipes in it.

View all my reviews Facelift at Your Fingertips: An Aromatherapy Massage Program for Healthy Skin and a Younger FaceFacelift at Your Fingertips: An Aromatherapy Massage Program for Healthy Skin and a Younger Face by Pierre Jean Cousin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not much to it.

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Mar 24, 2017

The Theory of Death (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #23)

The Theory of Death (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #23)The Theory of Death by Faye Kellerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Tyler)McAdams is back staying with the Deckers and soon makes himself useful when he accompanies Peter to a suspected suicide. Not long after they start trying to figure out why Eli would kill himself one of his teachers winds up dead in what appears to be a similar manner. Peter quickly determines that Belfort was murdered, now he and Tyler just have to figure out why. In between trying to solve the murder Tyler has to study for finals (law school) and he finds love in the most unlikely place.

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