Dec 31, 2016

The Games (Private, #11)

The Games (Private, #11)The Games by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK this is another one of those books that has two titles "Private Rio" is it's alternate name. Why can't they just use one title and stop confusing people?

Jack as usual has a full plate but is confidant he can handle it with his lady love Tavia by his side. First the Wise twins are kidnapped, they were in the country under aliases providing humanitarian aid. So who found out their identity and how is the first question Jack has to answer. Cherie and Andrew Wise descend on Rio in hopes that Jack can rescue their daughters alive. The kidnappers demand that Andrew Wise deliver the money in person and the drop goes horribly wrong when Andrew himself is kidnapped and "Favela Justice" puts him on trial for the rape and persecution of Brazil's poor through his company's profiteering in the construction of the World Cup and Olympic Games venues. Once Jack figures out who the kidnappers are he reaches a horrible conclusion but first he has to rescue Andrew Wise, unfortunately during the rescue of Wise Tavia is killed.

Justine shows up to comfort Jack (OK I really hated the way he killed Tavia off and put Justine and Jack back together. I liked Tavia and Jack together and she seemed much better suited to Jack). Jack's hunch about Doctor Castro pays off when they find his secret lab. Now Jack has to find and stop Castro before he disburses his plague over the attendees of the Olympic Games. They find Castro too late as he has already launched the drone that will spread the plague but after dealing with Castro Jack tries a daring maneuver to hook the drone with the helicopter he is flying and risk his life to keep Rio safe.

*Couple of mistakes in the book that were annoying. Whoever edits the books needs to pay more attention.

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