Dec 31, 2016

New Washer and 2 Makeovers

 When my washer died we got the washer that matched my dryer. This was back in July I think and so far I have been very pleased with it.

 One of the things I didn't like about the old washer is it never seemed to fill the washer with enough water, especially when the clothes were dirty. This washer has a deep fill function that I love.

 And it has a glass top so you can see your clothes being washed.

 Now for the makeovers. My comforter got a tear in it but I didn't want to go the the expense of buying a completely  new bedspread and matching curtains.

 Bed, Bath & Beyond had duvets marked down. I found this gray one that matches the gray stripe in the bed skirt and pillow shams. It also had pillow shams with it. So I used one as an accent pillow.

 Then I added my crocheted pillow to bring out the red, in my yellow pillow shams. 

 Next project involved a new frame for an old picture and a different background created with decoupage.

 I mainly used napkins I got at the Dollar Store to cover the mat I got for the picture frame.

 This is what it looked like originally, the  Butterfly was crocheted by my Aunt Eloise and I have had it for close to 30 years now or longer. With the blue walls and the blue background it just sort of blended in.

 First I carefully removed it from the frame and hand washed it. I let it air dry over night.

 Placed the new mat in the frame.

 Carefully placed the butterfly on the background I had made with paper from a decoupage book.

 And put them together. The white Butterfly really stands out against the new background and the white frame accents it well.

It also goes much better with this new picture I found marked down at Kirklands.

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