Nov 26, 2016

The Whistler

The WhistlerThe Whistler by John Grisham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was great.

Lacy and Hugo work for the Board on Judicial Conduct and most of their cases are pretty mundane. This one is anything but mundane. Judge Claudia McDover is accused of taking bribes from the Catfish Mafia headed by Vonn Dubose (a shadowy figure whose real name is unknown). Greg Myers is making the complaint but he is acting on behalf of a client whose name he doesn't know and is contacted through a middleman Cooley. Among Claudia's many crimes, she helped frame an innocent man and send him to death row because he stood in the way of the Indian Casino.

Evidence is on the thin side until Dubose orders a hit on Lacy and Hugo. Hugo is killed during the staged wreck, but Lacy survives and is determined to get justice for Hugo. The FBI is approached but initially seem uninterested until Sheriff Lyman Gritt contacts Lacy. After Chief Cappel fired Gritt because he was actually trying to solve the case, Gritt took the evidence he had to Lacy, including a bloody paper towel the driver of the truck that hit Lacey and Hugo used. They also had video evidence when the driver of the get away truck stopped at a local store for some ice. With this evidence they are able to identify the driver of the truck and the FBI gets him to flip on his co-conspirators. They also have a video of the truck used in the wreck being stolen.

Now Lacy and the Whistler just have to stay alive long enough for the FBI to arrest everyone.

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