Nov 3, 2016

The Obsidian Chamber (Pendergast #16)

The Obsidian ChamberThe Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not as good as some of the previous books, but still a good read.

We learn right away who Pendergast spotted in Exmouth as the book begins with Diogenes drugging Proctor and leading him on a wild goose chase to Africa after arranging for Mrs Trask to be away from the Riverside Manner caring for her sick sister. This allows Diogenes to court Constance who has retreated to the basement after Pendergast's death. Diogenes eventually convinces Constance to leave with him and they travel to Diogenes' private island in Florida after Diogenes acquires the cauda equina needed to restore Constance to health.

Meanwhile Pendergast escapes from the drug smugglers who fished him out of the Atlantic and were holding him hostage. We also learn more about Pendergast's past as part of an elite Ghost squad and why Longstreet (H) protects him. With H's help Pendergast starts tracking Diogenes and Constance. Once they are found Pendergast wants to go to the island with H to kill Diogenes, but H wants to take an entire strike team. Pendergast sets out on his own, while H arranges the strike team.

Pendergast gets there in time to rescue Constance from Flavia who has been hiding on the island in hopes of killing Constance and winning Diogenes' love. Diogenes has been crushed by Constance's revelation that she has been toying with him. Pendergast plans to kill Diogenes, but Constance pleads for him and states that there is a kernel of good in Diogenes and that he should be given a chance to nurture it, and brings up Pendergast part in ruining Diogenes life as a child. Realizing the strike team is about to arrive Pendergast works to get Diogenes and Constance off the island. Thanks to Diogenes blowing up his "curiosities" and Flavia attacking the FBI enough chaos erupts for the threesome to make their way to where Pendergast has hidden a kayak. Before they can escape Longstreet confronts them, he attempts to kill Diogenes, but Constance and Pendergast plead for his life and he is allowed to escape, but Longstreet informs Pendergast he is through with him.

Once they return to Riverside Manner Constance confronts Pendergast about his feelings for her, but when he refuses to become her lover, she makes plans to go live with her son and the monks in Delhi. Proctor returns home.

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