Nov 10, 2016

President Trump Can Thank The DNC For His Win

The DNC handed Trump the Presidency the day they decided to force Hillary down our throats. It wasn't enough that the Superdelegates (party elites that can overturn the popular vote) announced they were going to vote for her from Day 1 of the primary, although they don't actually cast their votes until the actual nomination at the convention.

Superdelegates  enabled Clinton  to tie Sanders on delegates coming out of the New Hampshire primary even though he decimated her in the popular vote by 22 percentage points.
But the TV media kept touting it as a win for Clinton, even though it really wasn't. But even with the Superdelegates her win wasn't assured so the DNC continued to rig the primary in her favor from not scheduling debates, to scheduling them at times when they knew there would be few viewers and giving Clinton the questions in advance.

Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Democratic primaries through democratic means. Rather, she stole the Democratic presidential nomination through systematic manipulation of the primary process. Over 400 super delegates pledged their support to Clinton before a single person cast a vote, the DNC is led by a Clinton surrogate, and mass consent for Clinton’s coronation was fed to the public through mainstream media outlets owned by wealthy Clinton donors.
The Democratic primaries exhibited a stark disregard for the values endemic to democracy, nearly solidifying an oligarchy in which corporations and wealthy donors use the government as a means to perpetuate their own agendas. These interests circumvented democracy to help Hillary Clinton out-raise Bernie Sanders by over $80 million from Super-PACs. - How DNC Rigged Primaries for Clinton
Even with all that "help" she wasn't doing well in States that normally vote blue. So voter rolls were purged and life long Democratic Party Members who favored Sanders had their party affiliations changed without their consent in States with closed elections.

The first head has rolled after more than 100,000 voters were mistakenly purged from the Brooklyn voter rolls ahead of this week's New York primary, which handed Hillary Clinton a much-needed win over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Diane Haslett-Rudiano, the chief clerk of the New York Board of Elections, was suspended "without pay, effective immediately, pending an internal investigation into the administration of the voter rolls in the Borough of Brooklyn," the agency said in a statement, according to the New York Daily News.
Many voters reported being registered as Democrats, only to find that their affiliation had been changed from Democrat to unaffiliated. That meant they couldn't vote in New York's closed primary election, which requires an official registration with one of the major parties.

This isn't the first time Haslett-Rudiano has made headlines. According to the Daily News, a building she owned on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was the subject of more than 20 Department of Buildings violations over the years after she'd let it fall into disrepair. The building, which she reportedly bought for $5,000 in 1976, was sold in 2014 for $6.6 million. - The Story of the Great Brooklyn Voter Purge Keeps Getting Weirder, Mother Jones
For a party that is supposed to be against election fraud and voter disenfranchisement they were noticeably silent on the fact that Bernie Sanders' supporters had their votes suppressed in State after State. And Daily Kos banned users who dared to criticize Clinton, or point out the massive voter disenfranchisement that was taking place in the Democratic Primary. How dare we point out that Clinton was having to cheat to win the primary, she was the First Woman blah blah blah, if you didn't back her you were sexist. It couldn't possible be because we were for progressive things like Social and Economic Justice, that we cared about the Environment and that we preferred peaceful solutions to foreign problems. When you totally dismiss half your base and inform them that you don't need them don't be surprised if they don't show up at the polls. And if you are suppose to be a Progressive Party don't be surprised if the voters want a Progressive Candidate. When you anointed the Establishment Candidate over the truly Progressive Candidate exactly why did DemExit shock you, the people who cared about progressive issues felt betrayed.    
But now that the latest leak of DNC emails proves that Sanders supporters have a legitimate right to feel cheated, #DemExit increasingly seems like an appropriate response to a rigged system.
The new leak shows that the DNC never took the Sanders campaign seriously, even when he was winning state after state. Rather than recognize that Sanders was attracting new voters to the party, members of the DNC chose to mock them and close ranks around Clinton. 10 reasons why #DemExit is serious
People that feel cheated don't normally vote for the person who cheated them. Yes, some Bernie supporters did vote for Hillary, but they weren't excited about it. Some choose to vote for her because she was a woman and they were mildly excited about the idea of the first woman President and they wanted to prevent a Trump Presidency, they never worked up the enthusiasm to campaign for her. Others choose to look for a Progressive Candidate that championed the views and issues they held dear and they found Jill Stein, Green Party. Was she an ideal candidate, No. Did she have a real shot at winning, not really (No Media Coverage, not included in the Debates).  I voted for her in hopes that she would get enough votes to break the two party hold on our Nation and I believed that if by some miracle she did win the progressive ideals I hold dear would stand a chance. Jill Stein would have made an awesome President. And before those of you who decided people didn't vote for Hillary was because she was an old woman accuse me of sexism/ageism I will point out that Jill is a WOMAN and is only a few years younger than Clinton. But then that is one of the biggest problems that the DNC and Hillary supporters had, they simply refused to see that it was "THE ISSUES" that were turning people off. Not the fact she was a woman, not her age, but her position ON THE ISSUES, THEY CARED ABOUT.  

I imagine that the biggest majority of voters who were told by the DNC that their votes really didn't matter choose to just stay home. I mean why stand in a long line in the pouring down rain in order to vote for someone you didn't choose to represent you but had forced on you by the party elites in the DNC. Especially when the Hillary supporters kept assuring us over and over again that her win was inevitable, just like they did in the primary. 

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