Nov 16, 2016

Night Watch (Kendra Michaels, #4)

Night Watch (Kendra Michaels, #4)Night Watch by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off I want to say I love Jessie, and hope to see more of this new character.

The book reveals more about how Kendra gained sight and the Doctor that made it possible. Charles Waldridge is on the run when an investor in his research gets greedy. Unfortunately Dr. Waldridge is abducted and Kendra is possibly the last person to see him alive, one of the other Doctors he was working with Shaw is dead and Biers has disappeared. Kendra goes to Adam Lynch for help in finding Dr. Waldridge.

Together they discover the identity of the mysterious motorcycle rider that saved Kendra from being kidnapped. Jessie is a private eye that Waldridge hired before he disappeared. When Lynch is forced to leave Kendra and go to London after his friend Rye is murdered he hires Jessie to keep Kendra safe. But when Biers turns up and convinces them that Waldridge may be running out of time Kendra comes up with a plan to allow the kidnappers to take her so that Jessie can track them using a GPS chip embedded under Kendra's skin.

Unfortunately Biers was working for the kidnappers and they remove the chip before Jessie can track them to their hideout. Kendra and Dr. Waldridge make plans to escape on their own and a furious Lynch comes riding to the rescue in the nick of time.

Waldridge is worried about the government taking over his research so the book ends with Jessie and Lynch helping Waldridge disappear.

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