Oct 12, 2016

Woman of God

Woman of GodWoman of God by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK my biggest problem with the book is that any man Bridget gets romantically involved with winds up dead. If you want a happy ending this book isn't for you.

It begins with Brigid practicing medicine in the Sudan with Kind Hands where she begins a romantic relationship with Colin. After a massacre of BLM soldiers Colin and Brigid go to assist the survivors. Colin is gunned down helping Brigid who is attempting to get  a BLM soldier to the helicopter and Brigid is wounded. After her recovery she goes to stay with friends in Rome until a vision sends her back to the Sudan where she helps capture the man responsible for Colin's death.

Brigid then goes to Berlin where she works in a BZFO clinic that is experiencing a MERS epidemic. Soon she meets their benefactor and playwright Karl who woos her. They eventually marry and have a daughter but Brigid's wedded bliss is cut short when Karl falls down a flight of steps with their daughter in his arms, both are killed.

Determined to face her past she goes to Boston and confronts her drug addicted Father. He reveals that her Mother cheated on him and Brigid is the result of the affair, and that it was her Mother who got him addicted to drugs. Seeking solace in the local Church she meets Father James and the two become friends. Brigid stands by James when a young man accuses him of molesting him when he was a student. The young man breaks down in court and admits that he was lying but James is disillusioned by the Catholic Church's refusal to stand behind him. He leaves for a new Church in a rural area and ask Brigid to keep his cat for him.

Eventually James turns the Church into a JMJ Church (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) where all are welcome and he promotes the radical beliefs that women should be able to become priest, priest should be allowed to marry and that everyone should be accepted. When James ask Brigid to bring his cat to him he reveals he is "in love" with her and ask her to stay. They eventually marry and have a daughter. When Brigid is ordained as a priest in the JMJ Church a local man who is unable to stand the apostasy guns James down. Widowed again Brigid returns to Boston with her daughter where she becomes a priest at the Church she and James originally meet at. The Pope ask Brigid to meet with him shortly before he dies and there is some speculation that Brigid may be named the first woman Pope. Leading to her being gun downed shortly after their meeting.

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