Oct 14, 2016

Missing: A Private Novel - Private Sydney (Private #12)

Private Sydney (Private #12)Private Sydney by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Call me annoyed because the title on the book I have is Missing: A Private Novel really tired of the books coming out with several different titles.

Craig is having a bad day, first there is the couple that come in wanting him to investigate a potential surrogate for them, the office has had it's windows smashed in, and his boss Jack Morgan calls wanting him to look into the disappearance of Eric Moss, a personal friend of Jack's. Since surrogacy for pay is illegal in Australia Craig is inclined not to help the couple, but they assure him that there is no payment involved the young widow with two kids of her own is willing to be a surrogate out of the goodness of her heart. They learned about her from an online surrogacy site and they just want to verify the information she provided is true. Thinking of his deceased son Craig takes the case.

The surrogacy case should have been easy peasy but after giving the couple the information about the surrogate Craig is horrified when she winds up dead and the baby she was babysitting goes missing. Craig suspects his clients and is further convinced of their guilt when he discovers everything about them was bogus. With Private's reputation on the line Craig tracks them down only to discover they are innocent but that the dead woman wasn't the woman they meet. Not only was the poor woman murdered before that she was the victim of identity theft. And this isn't the first surrogacy scam the con artist pulled using the deceased woman's identity.

The Eric Moss case is even tougher. Because not only is the man everyone knew as Eric Moss missing Craig can't find any record of him, it's as if he never existed. To further complicate matters Craig is falling heavily for Eric's adopted daughter Eliza and really wants to help her find her Father. Suspecting that Eric Moss was an agent for some "government" agency Craig determines to protect Eliza and uncover the truth about the man she knew as Eric Moss.

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