Oct 27, 2016

Catlantis by Anna Starobinets, Jane Bugaeva (Translation), Andrzej Klimowski

CatlantisCatlantis by Anna Starobinets
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Delightfully charming fairy tale.

Baguette has been foretold as the Ginger Tabby that will bring the Catlantic Flower that gives cats their nine lives to his people by the Oracle. Baguette is motivated to go on the quest by his love of the Oracle's granddaughter Purriana. She won't marry him unless he brings back the flower. So Baguette uses his magical ability to time travel to go back in time to Catlantis.

He discovers that Catlantis sank because the Catlanteans angered the Gods, he barely escaped Catlantis with his life and due to his hasty exit forgot to give a destination and arrived in Medieval France with one Catlantic Flower. Unfortunately he disappears soon after he arrives and he learns from Princess Panna Catta that you can't bring things back from the past. But he is in luck because Panna Catta knows what a Catlantic Flower looks like and they even have some growing in the Palace Gardens. Panna Catta ask for one small favor for her help that Baguette wait until after The Trial to stop time and return home. Unfortunately during The Trail Black Tony curses all cats to forget what the Catlantic Flower looks like. Baguette returns to present day France without the Catlantic Flower.

Baguette is found by a French Baker who has seen the flyer his family put out for information on him and kindly flies him to Russia to be reunited with his family. Meanwhile Purriana figures out that her Grandmother wasn't wrong with her first prediction about the Catlantic Flower, the cactus the Council of 6 tossed aside as of no importance and that was rescued by Baguette's family is the very rare Catlantic Flower and it only blooms once every thousand years.

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