Sep 12, 2016

The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4)

The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4)The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It's a little confusing as it opens before the ending of The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time, #3) it begins with Min traveling to Tar Valon on Moiraine's order to inform the Amyrlin that Rand is headed to Tear. While waiting to see the Amyrlin, Min sees many of the Aes Sedai, Warders, and servants injured or dead. She informs the Amyrlin of her vision as well as giving her the information for Moiraine. The Amyrlin request Min stay in Tar Valon and help her find the Black Ajah.

Meanwhile in Tear Perrin, Mat and Rand all fall under attack, from manifestations sent by the Dark One. Perrin determines to get Faile to leave before she is injured. Mat talks with Thom about leaving but is easily persuaded to stay.

Rand and Elayne grow closer. Tear is attacked and Rand must use all his powers to save as many as possible. Egwene meets a Wise One when dream walking and receives instructions on how to find her in the Waste. Aviendha, is summoned by the Wise Ones. Perrin learns the Whitecloaks are attacking Two Rivers and is determined to go there without Faile, in order to sacrifice himself and save his friends and family in Two Rivers.

Faile tricks Loial into promising to take her through the Ways before he takes anyone else and to take her wherever she wishes to go, so Perrin is forced to go with Loial and Faile to Two Rivers. Moiraine, Rand and Mat go through a ter'angreal that is supposed to answer questions. Mat learns he will marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons and that he must go to Rhuidean. We don't learn what Moiraine and Rand are told, but afterwards Rand takes the Aiel, Moiraine, Lan, and Mat through a Portal to the outskirts of Rhuidean. The Wise Ones allow Mat and Rand (we learn his Father was Aiel) to go to Rhuidean, Rand goes through the Rings and while waiting on him Mat finds another ter'angreal and is hanged by the odd creatures in it. He winds up in the Rings with Rand and Rand saves his life. They leave Rhuidean. Moiraine is told she must go to Rhuidean by the Wise Ones and sets out after Mat and Rand. Aviendha is also sent to Rhuidean. Egwene is told the Wise Ones will instruct her in dream walking. While in the Rings Rand learns the origins of the Aiel and that they once followed the "Way of the Leaf" (the Tinkers Perrin and Egwene meet aka Tuatha'an) and that the Aes Sedai entrusted them with sacred objects.

Perrin learns his entire family has been killed when he arrives in Two Rivers supposedly by Trollocs but it was actually the Whitecloaks that killed them. Mat's Mother and sisters as well as the Luhhan's have been taken prisoner by the Whitecloaks, and Tam and Mat's Father (Abell) are hiding in the woods. Perrin finds Tam and Abell along with two Aes Sedai (Verin and Alanna) along with their Warders. Together they rescue the Luhhan's and Mat's family from the Whitecloaks. Perrin and a band of boys his age go hunting for Trollocs, while the rest of the group returns to Emond's Field. Perrin convinces the farmers of Two Rivers to abandon their farms and head to one of the towns. Lord Luc (supposedly one of the Hunters of the Horn) rubs Perrin the wrong way and he later suspects that Lord Luc is Slayer from his Wolf Dreams. Perrin and his band are ambushed by Trollocs they manage to escape and are given aid by the Tuatha'an. Perrin encourages them to go to Emond's Field with them but the Tinkers refuse. After the Tinkers are attacked by Trollocs the survivors flee to Emond's Field and Perrin forces the villagers to take them in. Things become dire in Emond's Field and Perrin sends Faile away, but before she leaves they marry. In an attempt to save Emond's Field Perrin makes a deal with the Whitecloaks but they fail to keep their end of the bargain. Emond's Field is fixing to be overrun with Trollocs when Faile returns with reinforcements. After the Trollocs are beaten the Whitecloaks try to arrest Perrin, but since they failed to fight for the villagers of Emond's Field against the Trollocs Perrin refuses to go with them and the people of Two Rivers run the Whitecloaks out of the Valley.

Elayne and Nynaeve become friends with Egeanin in Tanchico they are shocked to discover she is a Seanchan. With Egeanin's help they rescue the Planchard and retrieve the Seal (which they plan to take to the Tower) and the sa'angreal which can harm Rand, they plan for it to be dropped in the deepest part of the Ocean, once they realize they can not destroy it.

After Siuan Sanche (The Amyrlin Seat) is overthrown she and Leane are stilled, with Min's help they escape Tar Valon with Logain (one of the False Dragons).

Rand arranges to meet all the Aiel at Alcair Dal where he will proclaim himself Car'a'carn, unfortunately Couladin pretends to be the Car'a'carn and Rand is forced to reveal the Aiel's origins as the Tuatha'an who followed the "Way of the Leaf" until they killed and were cast out by the Tuatha'an. When warfare breaks out amongst the Aiel Rand causes it to rain. Lanfear comes to him and he opens a door to Rhuidean where he battles Asmodean (one of the Forsaken) for a powerful angreal. Rand is able to cut Asmodean's cords to the Dark One and forces Asmodean to teach him what he needs to know to wield the One Power. Rand returns to the Aiel at Alcair Dal and takes control.

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