Sep 18, 2016

Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel

Rushing WatersRushing Waters by Danielle Steel
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Annoyed that when she mentioned Hurricane Katerina it was in connection with New Orleans nary a mention of Mississippi where Hurricane Katrina did the most damage, and uh you know actually MADE LANDFALL.

Hurricane Katerina did not hit New Orleans, Hurricane Katerina made landfall near the Louisiana–Mississippi border with 120 mph (190 km/h) sustained winds, still at Category 3 intensity. Katrina maintained strength well into Mississippi, finally losing hurricane strength more than 150 miles (240 km) inland near Meridian, Mississippi. The Gulf coast of Mississippi suffered massive damage from the impact of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, leaving 238 people dead, 67 missing, and billions of dollars in damage: bridges, barges, boats, piers, houses and cars were washed inland.[75] Katrina traveled up the entire state of Mississippi, and afterwards, all 82 counties in Mississippi were declared disaster areas for federal assistance, 47 for full assistance.[75]

After making a brief initial landfall in Louisiana, Katrina had made its final landfall near the state line, and the eyewall passed over the cities of Bay St. Louis, MS and Waveland, MS as a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 120 mph (190 km/h).[1] Katrina's powerful right-front quadrant passed over the west and central Mississippi coast, causing a powerful 27-foot (8.2 m) storm surge, which penetrated 6 miles (10 km) inland in many areas and up to 12 miles (19 km) inland along bays and rivers; in some areas, the surge crossed Interstate 10 for several miles.[1] Hurricane Katrina brought strong winds to Mississippi, which caused significant tree damage throughout the state. The highest unofficial reported wind gust recorded from Katrina was one of 135 mph (217 km/h) in Poplarville, MS in Pearl River County.[1]

She also claimed that Hurricane Sandy was worse than Hurricane Katerina, which isn't true. It is also patently obvious that Danielle Steel has never been in a Hurricane

When Hurricane Ophelia hits Grace Madison and her daughter are still in Grace's apartment because Grace refused to leave even though the apartment was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Luckily for them a rescue boat comes by soon after Grace's apartment is flooded again and they are helped into the boat along with Grace's dog. So glad they let the dog in the boat. During Katerina many people were forced to leave their pets behind because rescue workers refused to allow them in the boats.

They are then taken to a shelter where people are allowed to keep their pets with them. Must be nice down here there are currently no shelters that allow you to keep your pets with you. You are forced to leave your pets with strangers at a separate shelter. Eventually their neighbor Bob finds them at the shelter and they go to stay with him and his agent Jim Aldrich at Jim's apartment. Grace and Jim enjoy each others company and eventually become a couple. While Ellen is still in New York helping her Mother recover from the Hurricane her husband informs her over the phone that he wants a divorce so he can marry someone else. Eventually Ellen decides to relocate to New York permanently and the friendship between her and Bob blossoms.

Gina realizes her ex-husband is more dependable than her lover and returns to England with him.

A young college boy Peter has to deal with the guilt he feels over surviving when his friend and roommate Ben didn't after they attempt to swim out of the downtown area where they had foolishly stayed in their apartment to watch the storm.

A ER doctor finds romance with a rescue worker she meets during her hospitals evacuation after they lose power.

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Many pets were shot by so called rescuers The Dogs of Hurricane Katerina
The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina
The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina

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