Sep 7, 2016

Remodeling (July Update)

 I am way behind sharing the progress, the only thing we actually lack now is the mirror.  I shared the tile with you last time. Now we have the faucets. I choose Kohler faucets from the Coralais family, in polished chrome. I love the sleek design that makes them super easy to clean.

 They used the granite to create corner shelves and to accent the recessed shelf, I have plenty of space for all my beauty products.

 And my vanity finally arrived. I just love the cypress wood with the whitewashed finish. I also think it's very clever how they designed the drawer to go on the bottom. It's a fully functional drawer which gives me lots more space than the traditional design for the sink vanity.

 Due to the space issue I had they did a set back for me so now I have three drawers that I can pull all the way out. I also love the way it sits off the floor. It creates the illusion of more floor space than having a built in vanity.

 As you can see once they were installed it looked as if it was all one piece.

 I thought this was a clever idea for a toilet paper holder.

 I found a matching garbage can.

 And the granite vanity top "Platinum Blue"

The new vanity sits up higher than my old one so we had to move the outlets. It is a much more comfortable height for me.

 I love the under mounted sink, it also came from Hard Rock Stone & Tile. I just love their work. Once we found them everything just fell together.

Mercier's Cabinet and Woodworking, Inc built the vanity, they did excellent work I am very pleased with my vanity and as soon as we can get in touch with the person we need to speak with to place an order,  we plan to order a frame for the bathroom mirror.

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