Sep 27, 2016

All we lack is a mirror

 The walls were repainted light blue. Technically it's considered an off white color, but it looks light blue to me.

 The granite counter top with the under-mount sink was installed. I am really loving it, it makes clean up so easy.

 I found these cute bags to keep my makeup in.

 Bo taped around the shower so he didn't get paint on the tile.

 I found this light fixture at I just love it.

 Bo also got new light switches and outlet. I particularly like the outlet it has a nightlight built into it.

Bo got the sink faucet installed. I just love the sleek polished chrome design of the faucets, it makes cleaning them so much easier.

 I got the towel bar that matches the faucets. It's a Kohler Coralais 24" Towel Bar in Polished Chrome.

 Bo painted the trim for the door and put it back up.

 And finally the commode was reinstalled. it's the only thing from the old bathroom. I found the neat Toilet Paper Holder at Ross'.

 The cute wicker magazine holder was at Marshalls on clearance. I was hesitant about the dark brown color (I would have preferred white), but it actually compliments the decorative towels I found at Kohls nicely.

 The toothbrush holder, cup, soap dish and dispenser are Lenox Butterfly Meadow.

 This small makeup mirror is a temporary fix until we get our bathroom mirrow.

 Wamsutta® Toilet Lid Cover in Slate from Bed Bath & Beyond. I got it and the matching towels on Clearance + a 20% off on the entire order coupon thanks to my walking buddy. The towels are so luxurious I feel like I am at a spa when I get out of the shower. The Bathmat was on sale at Kohl's. And I just adore the cat toilet brush holder hiding over in the corner. I found it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

 The Decorative Towels I got at Kohl's the same day I purchased the bathmat

 I just love my vanity. The drawers give me so much more space. I can actually get everything inside the vanity. I love having all the storage.

 And the extra floor space makes the bathroom feel larger.

 This is perfect for storing Q-tips and cottonballs

 The shower curtain is Lenox Butterfly Meadow too. The crotchet Butterfly was made by my Great-Aunt and I had it in the bedroom before. I may get a different color for the back as the blue doesn't really stand out.

 Lots of space in the shower for everything. I just love that.

I am very pleased with the Master Bath remodel even though it seemed to take forever. All we lack now is the bathroom mirror and I think (fingers crossed) we will be getting it soon.

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