Aug 13, 2016

Tile, Granite and Decoupage

 I picked out the tile and Granite. It's an interesting mix of neutral colors. The Granite is Azul Platino (translation Platinum Blue) The Tile is Tesoro Rox Series Color Dust
The Rox collection is the newest generation of digital ink jet technology tile.  The soft yet dramatic graphics give this series an authentic earthy look.
The Dust color is interesting as it is a mix of neutrals and seems to change color depending on the light.
This porcelain tile has similar characteristics found in a slab of honed granite. Large chunks of blue grey and pearly white are scattered throughout filled in with smaller swirls of speckled tan and cream. 

 I decoupaged this canister to possibly use in there.

 This is the mosaics that go with the tile, as you can see in this picture it looks more gray.

 These are the granite pieces for my shower enclosure.

 In this picture the tan and cream is showing up more. Although you can still see the gray.

 I love my shelves. I can actually get ALL my stuff and Bo's things on them.

 It was interesting how they did the mosaic. It was the last thing they put in.

 They made the recessed shelf.

 The tile on the floor. We decided to go with a vanity that isn't built in.

And I'll be using Butterfly Meadow Accessories once we have it put together. We are further along then this. These pictures were taken in June, but I thought I would catch my Blog Readers up on the Remodeling.

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