Aug 27, 2016

Night and Day (Eve Duncan, #21)

Night and Day (Eve Duncan, #21)Night and Day by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't wait to see how Cara and Jock's relationship develops, they are a cute couple. Jock follows Cara to Russia to watch out for her and to find a way to rescue her if needed Natalie grows increasingly jealous of Kaskov's attention to his granddaughter. Meanwhile Eve and company work on finding Ciara's treasure and creating a false treasure to fool Natalie with. Natalie eventually reaches out to Eve about exchanging Cara for the treasure and arrangements are made to meet at a park in Russia, where Cara will be on a carousel with a guard. Natalie plans to have a sharpshooter kill Cara, but Jock foils the plan by snatching Cara off the carousel. Enraged that Eve bested her Natalie plans how to get revenge on Eve.

Shortly after going for a prenatal checkup "Michael" (Eve's baby) lets Eve know something is wrong. Natalie got to Eve's doctor and had him implant a poison inside her. Now they must get the antidote from Natalie or Kaskov before the capsule burst. Cara insist on going to see Kaskov with Eve and together they convince him that it is Natalie not Eve that wants Cara dead. Cara makes a deal with him to get Eve the antidote. Kaskov takes care of Natalie and her accomplice.

With Caleb's help the antidote is administered and Eve is saved. Eve, Joe and Cara return to Atlanta where Eve eventually gives birth to Michael. Who reminds her of someone. ( Is there a Trevor connection?)

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