Aug 18, 2016

Invision (Chronicles of Nick, #7)

Invision (Chronicles of Nick, #7)Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Great so much information is revealed. It's sort of hard to unravel and you really need to read the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter books to keep up as some of the information in them helps to make sense of the information dump.

Xev, is Nick's great Grandfather (Jared is his son, I was right about him being Cherise's Father) and Caleb's brother. Xev & Caleb are the sons of Jaden (aka Verlyn), Madoc (Dream-Hunter series) is Nick's brother. And this is mind blowing Jaden's sister is Apollymi (Acheron's Mother). So Nick and Acheron are related (don't think either one of them know that yet).

Nick learns that Zavid's soul is being held prisoner by Noir and determines to rescue him. Before he can weird things start happening with his powers and he starts getting flashes of other peoples past and future. Aeron disappears when Nick sends him to watch after Kody and they soon realize that Nashira and Dagon are also missing. They go to Menyara for help but she is missing and they are attacked by demons. Caleb is badly wounded before Xev gets there to help. Nick's powers are being drained so he can't save him so Xev does the one thing he can do to save his brother and calls for his father Jaden. Jaden saves Caleb's life and makes up with Xev (He restores Xev's original black hair color).

Jaden sends Nick and Xev into the future at Nick's request (Nick wanted to talk to Ambrose) but he goes to far into the future and meets his daughter and Simi's son and daughter. (Nick's daughter and Simi's son are an item). New Orleans is being attacked by Cyprian. Nick's daughter is injured while talking to him and before he and Xev can help they are sent back (we have no idea who or what sent them back). We also learn that Nick and the Father of Simi's children died fighting together against Cyprian.

In Dragonmark (Dark-Hunter, #26; Dragons Rising, #1; Lords of Avalon, #5) Nick/Ambrose  is fighting on the same side as Acheron and his friends. Not sure where on the timeline this book falls but it is sometime in the future.

Simi shows up and offers to eat the demon they killed that didn't disappear. She also informs them that Aeron does have a friend in the city and that he would be better able to track Aeron. They go to Caleb's basement where Kaziel ( Hell Hound from the Dark-Hunter: Lords of Avalon series) has been living. Jaden and Kaziel go to rescue Aeron and Zavid (for various reasons the others can't go). Nick's powers return and he is able to bring Menyara back from the Kassitu where she was being held prisoner. Kaziel runs into his friend Rhibyn, called Vawn (a man trapped in a woman's body) and he helps them rescue Zavid and Aeron. Jaden turns into the Verlyn and stays behind while the others escape.

Eventually they figure out that the demon that didn't go poof is a Div and go to rescue Simi, but she has everything under control.

The team splits up with some going home with Caleb and with Xev (in cat form) and Zavid (in dog form) going home with Nick as Xev wants to be available to protect Cherise and Zavid must feed from him in order to stay out of Noir's clutches. This raises the interesting possibility that Xev might be able to bring Cherise back if she dies.

They also discover that Ambrose (Nick) doesn't destroy the world that Cyprian (Ambrose's son) does. Cyprian (who looks identical to Ambrose) kills the boys who attacked Nick the night Kyrian meet him in order to frame Nick. Kyrian and Acheron discuss how to get Nick out of trouble with the police.

And we learn that it wasn't Ambrose that gave Nick the Eye of Ananke but Cyprian with the objective of driving Nick mad. Cyprian's Mother is Laguerre. 

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