Jul 25, 2016

The Democrats Last Chance to Fix Things

Dear #DNC, if you decide that Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee then don't wast our time or money with a primary. Just announce that Hillary was promised way back when she stood by her man that she would get her own shot at the White House. Explain how after she "graciously" stepped aside for then Senator Obama she was promised that this would be her year so there is no need for a primary. Don't rig the primary...........................

And if you do rig the primary don't get caught. Now that you are caught the only thing you can do to fix things is ask Hillary to step aside once again and nominate Bernie Sanders anything else is going to end party unity for the foreseeable future.

Bernie can endorse Clinton till his face turns blue and the cows come home many of us will exit the Democratic Party if you stick with Hillary. It goes against our basic sense of fairness to let someone who cheated reap the benefits of their cheating. And the more you bully us with the threat of Trump, the more we remember how cozy the Clintons and Trumps once were.

The look of adoration on Hillary's face as she gazes at Trump should be enough to give anyone pause.

There are more reasons I will never vote for Hillary the majority of them have already been outlined here, The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton
 Young DNC data director Seth Rich, who was managing Democratic Party voter records and had a passion for election integrity, was murdered via four shots to the back in Washington DC; and John Ashe, former UN President who was about to testify in a corruption case surrounding a Chinese businessman with connections to the Clintons, died in New York apparently from a dumbbell falling on his neck.
If Clinton becomes the nominee, this mistrust does not bode well for party unity, and it might prove foolish to expect the “lesser of evils” argument to work in November, even against Donald Trump. Many progressives and independents will vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein, write in Bernie Sanders on their ballots, or simply stay home.
If the Democratic Party delegates, on the other hand, vote to award Bernie Sanders the nomination at the convention in Philadelphia, they will nominate a candidate not only more trustworthy than Donald Trump, but a historically honest, trustworthy, and scandal-free candidate. Bernie Sanders will likely appeal to progressives and independents across the spectrum, unite the entirety of the Democratic party, and defeat Donald Trump in a November landslide.
I still have a slim hope the DNC will wake up and cast Hillary aside especially after she stupidly hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz who played a key role in rigging the primary. That was like a giant finger to Bernie Supporters and those who believe in honest and fair elections. If they don't like so many others I will engage in #DemExit and vote for Jill Stein in November. 

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