Jul 23, 2016

The City of Mirrors (The Passage, #3) Spoilers

The City of Mirrors (The Passage, #3)The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin
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Everyone except Greer believes that Amy and Alicia are dead at the beginning of the book, they also believe that all the virals were killed during the battle in the stadium at The Homeland "The Twelve" and that it is now safe for the humans to come out from behind their walls and create settlements. Peter's adopted son Caleb (Theo and Mausami's son) and his wife Pim (Hollis and Sara's adopted daughter) set out to homestead with their young son Theo.

Greer who knows Amy is alive has been feeding Amy & Carter every month, they are living on a ship in hiding from Zero. Alicia has gone to New York to be with Zero who has promised her he will leave the people in Kerrville alone if she comes to him. When she finds out he lied to her Alicia leaves for Kerrville to warn them and try to protect them from Zero's many. While Alicia is in New York with Zero (Fanning) tells how as a young college student he meet Jonas Lear and his girlfriend Liz. How he fell in love with Liz and she fell in love with him, but that she accepted Jonas' proposal and married Jonas. How Fanning became successful in the world of academia and how near the end of Liz's life when she was dying and Jonas was off in Bolivia she reached out to Fanning and they planned to run away with one another. How he waited for her at Grand Central Station but she never came. And that thinking she has once again chosen Jonas he got drunk and accidentally killed a young woman who picked him up and took him to her home and then changed her mind. How when the police started to suspect him he accepted Jonas' offer to go to Bolivia with him and how he and several others were attacked by bats, but only Fanning survived. How he was taken back to America and experimented on in a military compound and the 12 plus Amy were created.

Kate's husband dies owing gambling debts, so Sara and Hollis send their daughter and her children to visit Caleb and Pim where they believe she will be safe. Kate is bitten by a viral and chooses to kill herself rather than turn into a viral. Sara and Hollis show up at the homestead shortly after her death and help get Caleb, Pim, Theo and Kate's daughters to Kerrville.

Michael (Sara's brother) knows the virals are still alive and has been working to get a large boat sea worthy so that some of humanity will be able to escape the next time they attack. He goes to Peter (who is now President of Kerrville) and tries to get him to come up with a plan for evacuating some of the citizens of Kerrville. Peter refuses to take the small number the boat can carry and sacrifice the rest and tries to defend Kerrville.

Michael and Lucius Greer help Amy drown herself so she can return to human form, they then rush to Kerrville to try to help. They get there shortly before the virals attack, Alicia shows up but Peter refuses to believe she is there to help and throws her in prison. Kerrville survives the first attack and Peter still refuses to leave, so Michael leaves and goes back to his boat where Lore (Michaels ex girlfriend) is getting everything ready. Amy helps Alicia escape and they try to stop the virals but Zero set a trap, his virals tunneled under the walls. Alicia tries to warn the humans but they severally injure her. Only a few children and adults survive. The survivors go to the boat.

Once Peter and Michael get everyone safely on the boat they set out for New York with Alicia and Amy in Michaels small sailboat. They plan to kill Zero. Peter is mortally wounded before they are able to kill Zero. Unwilling to let Peter go Amy turns him into a viral, but doesn't tell Michael who she believes in the only other survivor. Michael eventually sets out in his sailboat to see what else is out there (we don't really know what happened to him). Amy and Peter go to the cabin where they live for a number of years until Peter dies. She buries him and then returns to California, where she is eventually found by the decedents from the boat.

Sara, Hollis, Pim, Caleb, Theo, Lore, and Greer reach the Holy Island. Greer dies shortly after reaching the island, Pim gives birth to twins and the colony on the Island thrives. Years later one of Caleb and Pim's descendants will find the book Pim wrote.

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