Jul 20, 2016

Revisted A Song of Ice & Fire (Book Series) - A Game of Thrones (TV series)

Other serious discrepancy, in the TV series.
In the books Sansa is happily plotting with Lord Petyr Baelish who plans for her to marry Harrold Hardyng (the Arryn heir), and reclaim Winterfell in her name by conquest.

An imposter Jeyne Poole "Bolton" (the False Arya) who is posing as Arya Stark is married off to Ramsay Bolton, by the Lannisters. Since Jeyne Poole is the daughter of the steward of Winterfell, Vayon Poole. and is the best friend of Sansa Stark, she is able to answer questions about the Stark family and Winterfell in order to pass muster with those who did not know Arya Stark personally.

In the TV show Petyr Baelish marries Sansa off to Ramsay Bolton.

In the books Ser Barristan Selmy is alive and well. In the TV show they had him killed off by a band of cowards who wore mask when he came to the aid of the Unsullied they had ambushed. I think this was a huge mistake as Ser Barristan Selmy gave Daenerys' claim to the throne legitimacy and after she exiled Jorah Mormont he was the only one who really knows Westeros.

Also fast approaching where the books end. I think it is outrageous that we are still waiting on Book #6 while the TV series continues on. This is a slap in the face to all of Martin's readers who made him famous. Once I finish this series I will not read more of his books, as he is unreliable about finishing them.

Glad to see Jon Snow proclaimed King of the North. Sansa looked rather sour about it though. So sad they killed Rickon off, I really think it was him. I saw some speculation that it wasn't but surely Sansa and Jon would have recognized their brother. And Osha  was certainly the one with the boy when he arrived and was killed by Ramsay Bolton.  Loved when Arya got revenge on the Frey's I will be happy to see her back at Winterfell with her family and it looks as if Brandon is on his way back too. Terribly sad that Hodor sacrificed himself so they could escape though. Wish there could have been another way and how tragic that somehow as a young boy ( Walder, in the book Willis TV show) he saw his death holding the door and became Hodor (Hold Door, what he was repeating as he died).

Now if only Martin will finish the next BOOK.

 A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire #4) 
Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5) 

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