Jul 31, 2016

NYPD Red 2 (NYPD Red, #2)

NYPD Red 2 (NYPD Red, #2)NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When teenage Dave and Gideon killed Enzo Salvi (after he raped Dave's sister) I couldn't really fault them. As the son of the local mob boss he would have never been punished. Surprisingly they got away with the murder, now they are both working as police officers, Gideon is dating Dave's sister and she works for the DA.

Kylie and Jordan have been called in to solve the Hazmat Murders after Evelyn Parker-Steele becomes his latest victim. Politics is making their lives miserable not to mention Kylie's husband is using again. Jordan is afraid that Cheryl is interested in one of their co-workers and everybody wants the case solved yesterday. When the accused Child-Killer Rachel is kidnapped soon after being found not guilty everyone fears the Hazmat Killer has struck again. But now Kylie and Jordan have a suspect they believe 2 cops are the killers and they ask Gideon and Dave to tail them.

But Gideon and Dave have problems of their own, Gideon's Mom found Enzo Salvi's diary in her son's old bedroom when she was cleaning it out and she returned it to Enzo's Mother. Now Papa Joe Salvi is ready to take Gideon and Dave down. The only question is will Kylie and Jordan get to Dave and Gideon before Papa Joe finishes his son's killers off. And will they be in time to save Rachel, who really was innocent of her daughter's death.

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