Jul 4, 2016

Feeling Crafty

 I was feeling crafty, it didn't last long.

 I got the idea of decoupaging the cabinet knobs after I saw some on Etsy.

 I did this jar years ago.

 When I was at the local craft store I also found some cute boxes.

 And I decoupaged one of them..

 Next I got to work on the knobs, it turned out pretty well.

 Unfortunately the weather got hot before I finished all 6. Really need somewhere that I can spray them without the wind blowing and where I can leave them. I used the greenhouse when it was cooler, but ti was too hot to get in there by the time I finished. So I wound up messing up the knobs, I decided to use the plain white knobs for now and when it is cooler I may finish the knobs.

 The box turned out nice and it makes a good place to store the decoupage stuff. If you want to know how to Decoupage check this page out.

 For the box I used paper I got at the craft store.

 But the knob was made out of paper napkins I got at the Dollar Store.


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