Jul 8, 2016

Born of Legend (The League, #9)

Born of Legend (The League, #9)Born of Legend by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I would have probably rated it higher but it's getting rather annoying reading the same story again just from someone else's point of view. Why she couldn't write the books in chronological order and tell everyone's story at the same time is beyond me. So for a large majority of the book you know what is gong to happen before it does because you already read it in the previous book, Born of Betrayal.

This is Prince Jullien eton Anatole book. No real surprises, he had a shitty childhood. And even though he was instrumental in overthrowing Queen Eriadne (his Grandmother) by passing information to WAR, his family disowned him and allowed the thrill kill warrant Eriadne placed on him to stand. In fact the majority of them are so stupid they are laboring under the assumption that he is in league with Eriadne.

Jullien is using the name Dagger Ixur (the name he used to pass information to WAR) when he is fatally wounded and dying in a bar. Some slavers come in with a young Andarion Fyreblood boy (Vasili), and Dagger uses the last of his strength to rescue the boy. He gives him all the cash he has, his royal ring and his spare weapon and tells him to run. Vasili refuses to leave him and they are both rescued by the boys Mother (Ushara). Ushara takes Dagger under her protection over the objections of her family (because Dagger is a Darkheart Andarion) and quickly falls in love with him. He also has the friendship and support of the Tavali High Admiral and Leader of the Gorturnum Trajen.

When Ushara marries Dagger, her Father arranges for her cousins to take him on their ship and get rid of him. The cousins sell him into slavery. When Ushara finds out what happened to him she goes with Trajen to rescue him. It is also discovered that Dagger (Jullien) is actually a Fyreblood and one of the last descendants of Edon Samari. It was one of the reasons Eriadne was so anxious to get rid of Nykyrian, she was afraid his blond hair would clue someone in to the fact she had an affair with Edon Samari (Famous Fyreblood Warrior). Jullien is stralen for Ushara and is also able to breath fire. Unira Samari adopts Jullien/Dagger as her son.

Trajen takes Dagger to Thraix who gives him Trisani powers. Dagger also finds his human cousin Bastien and helps him. Bastien's entire family was slaughtered by his Uncle and Bastien is blamed for it, so he is on the run. We also discover that Bastien always liked Jullien but since he was 7 years younger there wasn't much he could do to help him and that Jullien intimidated him.

Recap of the stuff that happened in Born of Betrayal. Then we learn that Ushara leads a number of people to rescue Jullien before Eriadne has him executed. Jullien kills Eriadne and everyone returns to the Tavali Base where Jullien is hailed as a hero. Eventually Jullien and his family are able to reunite.

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