Jun 3, 2016

Private India: City on Fire (Private, #8)

Private India: City on Fire (Private, #8)Private India: City on Fire by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Santosh Wagh is head of Private India, tortured by the automobile accident that claimed the lives of his wife and young son his job and loyalty to Jack is the only thing that keeps him sober. When a series of high profile women are garroted to death with a yellow scarf Private India is engaged to solve the murders.

Assistant Commissioner Rupesh is a dirty cop with ties to organized crime, that Santosh is forced to work with on the case. Before the car accident they had been friends and the past friendship blinds Santosh to how dangerous his former friend really is. When Santosh gets to close to the killer's identify, Rupesh tries to kill him and loses his own life in the process.

Their first clue is a blurry photograph of a man at the hotel door of the first victim, but DNA recovered from a later victim points to the killer being a woman. Only when Santosh realizes that the first victim was a doctor who did sex reassignment surgery does the pieces fall in place allowing Santosh to identify the killer and locate him in time to rescue Nisha. They need to capture the killer alive as the transman is the lover of Nimboo Baba who is working with the Mujahideen to plant a bomb in the city. Unfortunately the trauma Hari endured at the hands of Rupesh leads to the killers death. So Jack visits Munna to get the answers he needs and barely escapes with his life.

In all honesty the bomb threat didn't seem relevant to the book and seemed like an attempt to give Jack (who wasn't very involved in the murder investigation even though he was romantically involved with one of the victims) something to do.

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